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Corrupted BIOS on E500 Laptop

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I installed the latest BIOS version from the Compaq website on my PIII 600 based Armada E500 laptop, and now my computer will not even power on. Is there something that can be done about this short of buying a new motherboard? I am very distressed at this point that the update was corrupt, and so therefore my laptop was made unusable. THANKS for your help!!



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Re: Corrupted BIOS on E500 Laptop

Compaq are supposed to boot from the floppy in an emergency to get a new BIOS. If you have a copy of the old BIOS or you want to try the new BIOS again just turn off the laptop, put in the floppy and press and hold the ESC key while turning on the laptop. Do not let go until it starts reading the floppy.

There are two BIOS versions at:

for an E500. Get the System ROMPaq.

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Re: Corrupted BIOS on E500 Laptop

I have a Armada E500 laptop. I updated the bios to the lastest version. I made the bootable disk to do the upgrade. It was not able to update 2 times in a row. So, I had made a backup of the 1999 bios before hand. And restalled it. It reinstalled the 1999 bios and then told me to reboot it. I did that. Then it looked good. Then it started flashing the power [green] and battery [yellow/orange] leds at the same time. This is all it will do. I see that Ron Kinner stated to hold down the escape key and turn it on with the floppy in the drive. This I did. But it never does anything except flash those 2 leds. I can hear the fan running and the hdd starting up. I hope some1 will respond to this message. This model is a Armada e500, PP2060. Maybe Ron Kinner can respond or any1 else can as well.
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Re: Corrupted BIOS on E500 Laptop

I have also upgraded my BIOS. When it rebooted it never came up. The HD light come on alne with all other LEDs. Can anybody tel me what I need to do.

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Re: Corrupted BIOS on E500 Laptop

This just happened to me as well - Armada E500 Bios upgrade gone bad - Tried booting with floppy and ESC key, tried removing the internal battery for a while, no luck. Machine at this point will not post. Any help would be hugely appreciated!
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Re: Corrupted BIOS on E500 Laptop

I suggest to use HP service if it is still on warranty or not.
My laptop is Compaq e500 and I had the same problem. Due to the fact that my laptop was already more than 3years old I couldn't get it repared for free. The service people suggested to replace the system board for which they wanted to charge me $400. I didn't go for that as my whole laptop wouldn't cost so much. The ONLY way to do fix is:

Keep in mind that if the people who will be doing this are not professional and carefull - they can well kill your laptop !!!!

1. Find the name of the flash bios chip - for this you will have to open (best if this is done by proffesionals) your laptop - it is located right bellow the mouse - should be Intel flash chip.

2. Find the radio store who has a flash chip programmer cappable to re-programm this kind of chips - just give them a name you found. Also if they can take it off and put it back to system board.
3. Download the latest BIOS of the HP site and pass it to the radio store - the largest file is the one they need.
In Kiev,Ukraine it took them about 14 min. to take the chip off - re-programm and put it back... They have charged me for all of this only $6 ... And it WORKS !!


Hope this helps...
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