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I lost my pass to acess BIOS, and i test some programs to recovery it. Well when i acess the BIOS pass and i put the pass AWARD, one but to acess BIOS page show me, but i can't click it. I press the TAB button but nothing happen and i press the ENTER key abd show me a key with the X in the middle. When i use the pass "&quote;AWARD_SW"" and press ENTER key, show me the key imagem equal ket, and the button to acess the BIOS page show me, but again i can't click it. Plese help-me to acess my Bios, the button to acess show me, but i can´t click. Thank and sorry my poor english.
Luciano - SP - Brasil
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Hi Luciano and welcome,

If you have lost your BIOS password(s), then you can clear them by removing all power from your laptop for a while.

I think you are familiar with how to enter the BIOS - but if not - look here:

You may need to consult the Maintenance & Service Guide for your N400C to find and remove the RTC battery. You can access that and all the documentation for your notebook here:

This is the procedure to clear the Set-up (BIOS) passwords:
(1) turn off the computer.
(2) If it was in a docking bay, remove it.
(3) Disconnect A/C Adapter.
(4) Remove main battery pack (and the secondary battery if one is fitted.
(5) Disconnect the Real Time Clock (RTC) battery from the system board. (You'll need to remove the palm rest and keyboard to do this - there are clear instructions and pictures in the Mtce & Svce guide referenced above. You should see a tiny white plug on the end of the RTC coin cell leads. Disconnect it - you do not need to remove the RTC battery.)
(6) Now wait 30 minutes. (The 5 minutes quoted by HP in some of its manuals is not enough)
(7) Press and hold down the laptop power button for 1 minute. (This is intended to clear any stray voltages or static that's still around)
(8) Reconnect Real Time Clock battery and re-assemble laptop. (BUT DO NOT re-fit the main battery yet.)
(9) Hook up the A/C adapter and turn on the laptop. System should boot up OK - press F1 or F10 while on Compaq splash screen (ie before windows starts to load) to access BIOS.
(10) All passwords should now be cleared. Check you can enter BIOS OK. It should be restored to Compaq default settings with no power-on or admin passwords.
(11) Now you can re-insert the main battery (and secondary battery if you have one)
(12) Now reset date, time and other BIOS settings as you want them to be.
(13) If you set any passwords - make sure you keep a note of them somewhere safe but outside the laptop !!!!

Hope all goes well - please let us know how you get on - or if you need more help. Good luck...

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Solution works folks.. 


I found one of these laptops in an old box of parts at work, had the BIOS issue here, knew what I had to do but researched it anyway. Its a sturdy old laptop, works great for surfing the web, I wouldn't do anything else with it. I'm running an old copy of 2000 Pro on it, using the key under the laptop.. Why you ask? Why not... 

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