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Chris Coughlin
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6930p brightness an issue

I just received a 6930p at work and I have it set up on an extended desktop and the 6930's brightness at the top of the function scale is less than half as bright as my monitor. Is there anyway to fix this?

It's even annoying on it's own. Everything's dark.


Juergen Eichholz
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Re: 6930p brightness an issue

Lightsensor is off, right? If not: Fn + F11

What kind of screen is it on your 6930p? CCFL or LED? If you don't know, you can spot the difference by the way the screen illumination is set, i.e. how it brightens or darkens.

My 22" TFT is also much brighter than the CCFL WXGA+ screen on my 6930p, so this type of notebook screen will probably never be as bright as a desktop TFT.
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Re: 6930p brightness an issue

Similar to this problem.  With the ambient light sensor off, if I set the brightness to max it is still dim.  When I turn the light sensor back on and shine a light at the sensor, the screen gets much brighter.  The problem is that I can't get it to stay there.


I think that there are many more brightness steps than the manual setting allows for so the software hits its "max" well before the hardware does.


Anyone else find this?

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Re: 6930p brightness an issue

Ok, so I updated the BIOS to F.18 which claims to address this problem.

It doesn't. I still cannot get the screen to full brightness manually, only if the light sensor drives it up.
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Re: 6930p brightness an issue

Controlling the brightness on a system with the Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) can be tricky, especially since there's no indicator showing if the ALS is enabled or disabled.  It's also strange that ALS has brightness step levels that aren't "globally" set - I would expect that if I set the brightness step to level "5" with ALS "on", then the brightness should be 50% of whatever brightness ALS determines appropriate.  So, if I set level "5", and shine a light on the sensor, then the screen should be no brighter than 50% of maximum.  As it is right now (on my 6930p), if I have ALS enabled, then in a darker room, I can actually step through 11 brightness steps/levels and the maximum brightness is not the maximum possible.  If I set level 5 and shine a light at the sensor, then the screen brightens up quite a bit - almost double.  As I mentioned before, I would expect level 5 to be 50% of what ALS determines to be appropriate for the ambient light level.  And, why are there 11 steps?  Definitely not a "digital" number (power of 2) nor a logical percentage step.


Anyways, one thing to try is to disable the ALS in BIOS (F10 Setup).  Once disabled, you should be able to manually set the brightness via the hotkeys (and ALS shouldn't even be a factor at this point).


Just my 2 cents.


  - nn6o



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Re: 6930p brightness an issue

I disabled the ALS in BIOS. My problem is I have never been able to adjust the brightness. I use the Fn key + the hot keys on Fn9, 10 but nothing happens. I have setup three so far and all are the same????

Any ideas?

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