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Robin Ellzey
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Docking station with nc6000

I recently received an Hp PA276A docking station, which I was told would work with my Hp nc6000 laptop. Upon initial observation, the receiving connector on the docking station is 3" in width. The matching connector on the laptop is about 2" in width. Are these compatible? If not, what is the model number for the compatible docking station.
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Jeremy Ronsen
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Re: Docking station with nc6000

I am not seeing a reference to PA276A; not even on the HP Parts Store. Is there another number on the unit, something like, "Replace with XXXXXX-XXX"?

The compatable docking options for the NC6000 are:
Port Replicator: DC367B
Advanced Port Replicator: DC366B
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Matthew Bullion
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Re: Docking station with nc6000

You may have gotten a docking station for the nc61xx/62xx series instead of the docking station for the nc6000 and Evo 600 series machines.
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Danny Hallgren
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Re: Docking station with nc6000

I replace all of mine wih
HP Advanced Docking Station 747069

I have several issues with the power connection/ usb ports/ nic
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