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tcpdump on APA lan


How do I do capture on system where I run auto port aggregation? It says lan900 is invalid.

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Re: tcpdump on APA lan

First, run "tcpdump -D" to identify the index numbers of your interfaces.

Then use the below commands,

tcpdump -lni

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Re: tcpdump on APA lan

tcpdump -D didn't produce any result.

We're only running APA configured interfaces.

# lanscan -q
900 2 4
901 3 5
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Re: tcpdump on APA lan

Output required.
netstat -rn
swlist | grep -i auto-port
Go to sam > networking.. > auto port...
and there you find the lan900 status.
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Re: tcpdump on APA lan

Hi all,

I have the same problem.


The configured aggregation on host  is lan900 with lan0 and lan3:

#lanscan -q

900        0 3


But when I execute tcpdump command, I have not output of lan description:

#tcpdump -D

<no output>


And "lni" tcpdump option, give invalid index:

#tcpdump -lni 900
tcpdump: Invalid adapter index


Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance.



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Re: tcpdump on APA lan

On my system, "man tcpdump" includes this note for the -D option:

The -D flag will not be supported if tcpdump was built with an
older version of libpcap that lacks the pcap_findalldevs() function.


So, what are your versions of tcpdump and libpcap?

(If you run tcpdump with invalid options, the usage message will include both tcpdump and libpcap version numbers.)


# tcpdump -V
tcpdump version 4.1.1
libpcap version 1.1.1
Usage: tcpdump [-aAbdDefIKlLnNOpqRStuUvxX] [ -B size ] [ -c count ]
                [ -C file_size ] [ -E algo:secret ] [ -F file ] [ -G seconds ]
                [ -i interface ] [ -M secret ] [ -r file ]
                [ -s snaplen ] [ -T type ] [ -w file ] [ -W filecount ]
                [ -y datalinktype ] [ -z command ] [ -Z user ]
                [ expression ]


Index numbers are acceptable as an argument for the -i option only if the option -D is supported. If -D is not supported in your current version, you should be using the full interface name, not just the number, e.g. "tcpdump -lni lan900".

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