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Nic Teaming HPUX 11.31 VSE OE

Needing some help regarding at the host level for Nic teaming and or redundancy...... Can you help answer from the OS side? Specifically in regards at the HOST OS layer. In HPUX 11.31 VSE OE... What is the recommended Teaming at this level? Keep in mind this is Virtual Connect flex to the core? Thanks!!
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Re: Nic Teaming HPUX 11.31 VSE OE

You want to look at the writeups for Auto Port Aggregation. That is what HP-UX calls NIC teaming/bonding/trunking/aggregation. I believe but cannot state absolutely that when a VC module is involved, there is no LACP, which means using LAN_MONITOR mode (active standby).
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Re: Nic Teaming HPUX 11.31 VSE OE

hi dennis,

Well APA is also now part of the Base O.E and as mentioned the terminology you are using is normally associated with other UNICes.

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Re: Nic Teaming HPUX 11.31 VSE OE


APA will do the job. You will need to have the switch configured to support it. Unlike Linux network bonding, the switch needs to be configured specifically to support APA.

Configuration guide:

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Re: Nic Teaming HPUX 11.31 VSE OE

hi dennis

posted into the blade forum regarding your original question.

as mentioned, apa is the ticket but as you specifically mentioned vse and 'host' i assumed you would be considering using integrity virtual machines?

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