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nnmsnmpnotify.ovpl command

Hi All,


For what nnmsnmpnotify.ovpl command is used



As per my understanding nnmsnmpnotify.ovpl command is used for converting the trap into incident.



Can I have correct understanding for what exactly it is used for and how it works.

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Re: nnmsnmpnotify.ovpl command



  The nnmsnmpnotify.ovpl script sends an SNMP Version 1 or SNMP Version 2 Trap depending on the protocol version you specify.


In general, This command sends a trap as a test to our system through the node we are chosing. For an instance, if you want to test the specific trap is coming to the system in regards to the node you specified ( to check whether any trap, an OID is disabled or not, because if disabled, then we can't see those traps onto NNMi ), is coming or not to the NNMi and if NNMi is processing with the proceedings of that particular trap.


If I want to test that if SNMP Link Down trap will get processed or how it can be processed, then I use snmpnotify command with the respecticve command :


nnmsnmpnotify.ovpl -A -v2c v2c_node .






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Re: nnmsnmpnotify.ovpl command


VIk is correct,we can use this command to test the trap forwarding working fine,nnm is displaying the trap in browser or for troubleshooting purpose.

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Re: nnmsnmpnotify.ovpl command

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Thanks for the info...

I have freshly installed nnmi in linux environment and there are no traps generated, now I want to generate the traps for the same NNMi management server using nnmsnmpnotify.ovpl command

What I did was executed the command

nnmsnmpnotify.ovpl -A -v2c <NNM hostname> OID

But I got the message saying that No response arrived before timeout.

I have even tried for different nodes which are discovered in NNM but getting the same message,

Basically trying to check that if traps are generating properly without any blocks

Please suggest the command or how to troubleshoot in linux

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Re: nnmsnmpnotify.ovpl command

You're misunderstanding the syntax.  The object is the device that you want the SNMP trap to appear to have originated from, not the NNMi server. 

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