change of ip address in "ovtopodump -RISC" (157 Views)
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Giuseppe Gammino_1
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change of ip address in "ovtopodump -RISC"

(nnm 6.41 on a solaris 8 environment)
I try to explain my question by an example:
in this moment I have this situation regarding this node:

root@srvpls04:/StorageData/JK/NNM.MONITOR.INTF# ovtopodump -RISC
56542 IP Normal local
56542/56543 IP Normal local
56542/67099 IP Normal local

You can observe that the ip address nnm associates to the loopback is the first one,

But the ip address used when I discovered the node was different: and it is the ip address associated in the DNS of the server to the node:

root@srvpls04:/StorageData/JK/NNM.MONITOR.INTF# nslookup


Of course, if I remove the node from NNM with the command ovtopofix -r, I can go back to the previous situation in wich the ovtopodump -RISC gave me the ip address as the loopback of node, but after a while nnm automatically change the output of ovtopodump -RISC.

Any suggestion to resolve the problem is welcome.

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Re: change of ip address in "ovtopodump -RISC"

Hi Giuseppe,

a) NNM uses the lowest ip of router or the hostname associated with the lowest numbered IP address which resolves to a name of router.

b)see netmon man page:
pickSnmpAddrPolls (netmon option in $OV_LRF/netmon.lrf file)

Controls whether netmon will attempt to test possible SNMP addresses for a device if the current address did not respond.
Allowed values are true (the default) or false. If the value is set to false, netmon will not attempt to test other addresses on a device if the SNMP address for a node
does not respond to an SNMP query, but will still pick another valid IP address on the device and assign it as the preferred SNMP address. However, when the value is set to
true, netmon will test the other addresses on the device to check if it responds to an SNMP query, before assigning it as the preferred SNMP address.


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Re: change of ip address in "ovtopodump -RISC"


I have the same problem with NNM 6.2, how do you resolved this problem???

The variable pickSnmpAddrPolls (netmon.lrf file) doesn't resolve the problem, or not?


Please, give me a solution!!!! 



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Re: change of ip address in "ovtopodump -RISC"

Whoah, you replied to a 7 year old thread looking for a solution for a product that went EOL/EOS in 2009.

Have a nice day :)

Andy Kemp,  CISSP
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