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SNMP traps received in NNMi



please help on below queries.


1)if device is discovered with SNMP V3, then does NNMi receives SNMP traps of all the versions from Network devices.?


2)which command is used to take NNMi backup including database.




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Re: SNMP traps received in NNMi



As mentioned on that built in Admin Help Link:

"•If the Source Node or Source Object of the incoming trap has been discovered by NNMi using SNMPv3, NNMi accepts incoming traps from SNMPv3, SNMPv2c, or SNMPv1."


From what I recall, I think the order of 'preference' (and I may stand corrected later), the order is v2, v1, and then v3.


To take a full NNMi backup read the man pages (or reference help) for "nnmbackup.ovpl".


To just backup the NNMi database (embedded postgres), refer to "nnmbackupembdb.ovpl".


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