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Monitor counter using NNM Custom poller


First best wishes for this new year.

I have a question, is it possible using NNM 9.xx to monitor snmp counter on snm device.

in this case, the counter gives information at a specificc time, but what is interested is not the absolute value but the relative value, I mean the difference between two consecutive values polled.

Is NNM able to do that?



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Re: Monitor counter using NNM Custom poller



  Yes, by default NNMi's customer poller will collect the "rate of change" if the variable or the expression is made up of any counter type variables.


  Sometime we find the MIB definition of a variable is wrong and the type of data is either a "counter" when the variable is declared as an integer or guage, or vice versa.  in this case, with 9.2x it is possible, via the GUI, to "coerce" the variable types to be of a different type in order to collect the data in the way you want to.


  I hope this answers your question, and Happy New Year


Dave Y.

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