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CPU/Memory Utilisation

i am using HP open view NNM 6.01 to mange around 130 nodes(routers, ether frame
switches, servers etc...). the frequency for status polling is 10 minutes.

The hardware platform is HP B1000 wrkstn with 512 Meg of ram and single CPU. It
runs HPUX 11.00.

The observed symptom is that, the ovwdb process consumes 70% of the CPU and
ovtwpmd consumes rest 20% ! Once in 15 hrs NNM crashes/stops.

None of the kernel parameters r tuned.

Can somebody tell any kernel parameters to be changed ?
Or any thing else wrong in the configuration ?


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Re: CPU/Memory Utilisation

When you run ovw -mapcount, how many objects is it reporting?

There are also some performance tuning steps in the Performance and
Configuration Guide. Ensure you have the latest consolidated patch applied.

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Re: CPU/Memory Utilisation


for the response.

The ovw -mapcount shows 5412 objects.
What does this number indicate?
What all kernel parameters i can change.
I have applied almost all updated patches.
Please suggest if any further steps to be taken
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