Netserver E60 making beep sound (1131 Views)
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Netserver E60 making beep sound

Netserver E60 server making beep sound. it does't get display and boot. Kindly share beep matrice for this server.
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Re: Netserver E60 making beep sound


Beep Code Test Failure
1-2-2-3 BIOS ROM checksum
1-3-1-1 Test DRAM refresh
1-3-1-3 Test 8742 Keyboard Controller
1-3-4-1 Test 64K base address lines
1-3-4-3 Test 64K base memory
1-4-1-1 Test 64K base memory (upper 16 bits)
2-1-2-3 Copyright checksum
2-2-3-1 Test for unexpected interrupts
1-2 Search for option ROMs. One long, two short beeps on checksum failure
1 One short beep before boot.

refer the following documents for - HP Netserver E 60 - Beep Codes:

Hope the above informatin useful.
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