m2727ns printer shuts itself off all the time (402 Views)
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m2727ns printer shuts itself off all the time

we got this printer about a year or so ago. it was originally hooked up to a server, but is now a dedicated printer. we are using it with macs. for at least 6 months, if you try to print, it will shut itself off and then you have to manually turn it off and then back on. this happens very often. any advise?

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Re: m2727ns printer shuts itself off all the time

First thing I would check is the firmware is up to date. If the printer is going into powersave and not waking up then I would eliminate this first to avoid throwing parts at it.


We have had several instances of printers doing this and although it's been over a wide model range the firmware update has almost always resolved.

After that your looking at either formatter or DC controller, it's nearly always the formatter, when you initiate a print job it sends a command to the DC controller for it to initiate wake up while it processes the job.

Once it's converted it to raster then the formatter sends the print signal and the cycle commences, in your case it sounds that the printer goes to power save and will not come out of it without you manually restarting.

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Re: m2727ns printer shuts itself off all the time

Common issue on this printer. The formatter has issues. You may be able to repair it yourself. What you need to do is bake the formatter. No joke. You remove the formatter (see the link below for the service manual for instructions) and place in a baking pan with the chips facing up and the board propped up so the bottom does not touch the pan. Now preheat a good oven to 350F (177C) and when the oven is ready place the pan with the board in the oven for exactly 8 minutes. Remove and let cool for 15 minutes. Put back in the printer turn on and odds are the printer will work just fine. HP has had a lot of issues with this formatter developing cold solder joints and the baking fixes them.

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