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hp psc 2210 shut off and won't turn on

I tried printing with my psc 2210 one day and it just shut off on me and won't turn back on. Any ideas??
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Re: hp psc 2210 shut off and won't turn on

Hi JJ do the following.

1) Plug the unit directly into the wall....Bypassing Surge protecters, power strips, UPS'...
2) If the unit has a 2 stage module, like, a big black box that goes into the unit and a seperate cord that goes into the wall, see if the black box is warm. If it is not warm, then the power supply module[black box] is broken and needs replacement.
otherwise continue on.
3) unplug the power cord...
press and hold cancel and right arrow
while still holding plug in the power cord...
once you see S-Full reset or SEMI FULL RESET
release the buttons...
4) Try a different power Outlet, like in another room.
5) If all steps fail, contact HP Tech support if your unit is still in warrenty, aka if it was purchased less than 1 year ago.
# for tech support...
USA/Can: 1-800-474-6836

HP US Desktop Agent T2
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Re: hp psc 2210 shut off and won't turn on

I suspect a bad power supply, or the fuse in the power supply has blown. If you are getting power to the end of the cord you plug into the printer, then it is internal. Most power supplies have a protective fuse in them.
As previously stated, if you are under warranty send it in or call a tech out if you have a support policy that lets that happen.
Or you could follow my standard policy and just tear the thing apart to see why and how it works :)
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