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Re: Windows 7 scan drivers for LaserJet 3055

You can use the Full Software Solution from WinVista in compatibility mode.  This will offer you the HP Scanning app and drivers that you need to support them if you find the default scanning options unacceptable.


Please see the drivers and downloads area for the HP 3055 for further instructions:


Only licensed products from Adobe have the right to create .PDF documents from scratch. 


HP is not listening nor do they have to.  This printer is long past its support phase.  The only ones who can help you are the members of the community.

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Re: Windows 7 scan drivers for LaserJet 3055


With over 82,000 hits on this thread this topic has garnered a lot of interest. NitramReppat would seem to be typical of many users who have a machine, the 3055, that still runs well mechanically and does the job well mechanically. The user is faced with a situation where the machine becomes obsolete for no other reason than the software and drivers are not being engineered and supported adequately by HP. Windows 7 was being sold or at least was in the latter stages of development concurrently with the sale of the 3055. Shouldn't we expect that a machine's capability be utilized with an operating system that is on the horizon at the time the machine is purchased? Users have to go out and spend their next $300-$500 dollars on replacing a machine that they already own. I am sure that instead, they would rather add to their functional portfolio by obtaining another device such as a phone, a flat screen TV or GPS / vehicle electronics for their car. Could HP improve it's bottom line by making these devices that everyone wants? And can HP make  devices that are tested and actually work in the environments that are used?

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Re: Windows 7 scan drivers for LaserJet 3055

For any version of Windows, use iCopy -- a Sourceforge project that is free.  My Win XP machine could not find the scanner. iCopy, however, found it immediately.  I have not tested it on Win 7 or 8, but it seems to be a fairly simple tool that does a great job.  Select "print to pdf" and you're done.


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