Where can I get MIB for HP OfficeJet X476dw? (604 Views)
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Where can I get MIB for HP OfficeJet X476dw?

Where can I get MIB for HP OfficeJet X476dw?


I want to monitor the supplies levels, and I think I have found it at:


...but I need some help to understand the values, so that I can effectively monitor them.


Thank you.



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Re: Where can I get MIB for HP OfficeJet X476dw?

To find the MIB archive for HP Laserjet products:

1. Navigate to http://h20147.www2.hp.com/sppmain/

2. Click the link for Appliance Printing Development Kit

3. Click the link for APDK Developer Kits

4. Change the Kit Area drop down box to LaserJet and Digital Sender

5. Navigate to LaserJet and Digital Sender > Printer Management > Printer Specific MIB's

6. Search through the posted MIB files and review the contents



OfficeJet printers are not normally disclosed directly on the HP website.  You might have to findwhatever is the closest laserjet model and go off of that one instead.  When in doubt start poking around at a high level and drill your way down until you find what you are looking for.  If you already know the OIDs then you may have to conduct some trial and error along with a custom script to determine exactly what is being reported.



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Re: Where can I get MIB for HP OfficeJet X476dw?

Search for rfc3805.  It contains the information that you need.  In that document you can find the meaning of the OIDs.


Your OID (I substituted in X and Y) will select the values as follows


X - a row in a MIB table - one for each supply

Y - a column in a table - these mean

    1 - Supplies index (unique ID)

    2 - Marker Index (associated PrintMarker subunit ID)

    3 - Colorant Index

    4 - Class  - see PrtMarkerSuppliesClassTC in the rfc (is this a supply that is consumed or a receptacle that is filled)

    5 - Type - see PrtMarkerSuppliesTypeTC in the rfc (toner, ink, etc.)

    6 - Description - see PrtLocalizedDescriptionStringTC

    7 - Supply Unit - see PrtMarkerSuppliesSupplyUnitTC (unit of measure for Max Capacity and Supplies Level)

    8 - Max Capacity - max value of level if supported, -1 means "other", -2 is unknown

    9 - Supplies Level - the remaining level/space (receptacle) if supported, -1 = other, -2 = unknown, -3 = some level/space remaining

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Re: Where can I get MIB for HP OfficeJet X476dw?

Does anyone know where the specific OID's that relate to dot or pixel counting is? I've been told that it is in the new firmware?




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