What does hpqtra.exe do and why does it make my startup so slow? (1392 Views)
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What does hpqtra.exe do and why does it make my startup so slow?

I recently installed the full software suite that came with my HP all-in-one printer. I am using a Dell Latitude C640 (P4-M, 2 ghz) latpop, 512 RAM, XP Pro SP2.

I have noticed that after I log in, the rest of startup (e.g. period between when I see my desktop and the disk stops churning and my Startup items load) take several minutes. One of my startup items is MS Outlook. When startup seems particulalry slow I have killed off the hpqtra.exe process and Outlook IMMEDIATELY opens.

So my questions are. What is hpqtra.exe doing at startup and how can I make it stop. I also see hpgarly and hpqtrb but killing these does not speed startup.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: What does hpqtra.exe do and why does it make my startup so slow?

Hi Mark,

The hpqtra.exe represents the HP Digital Imaging Monitor which in effect monitors the connection between the all-in-one and the computer. You can safely remove it from startup to improve the start up performance of the system. The only thing that you might be required to do as a result of taking this out of the start up is to start the HP software whenever you want to scan something because the HP Digital Imaging Monitor will not be running in the background to check the status of the device and start the scan operation. Running any of the Hp software will kick start this process by which the communication b/n all-in-one and computer is established.

If this seems to be long, confusing, relax. Just remove it from the startup. To do so, follow the below steps.

Remove start up entries from msconfig.

1. Click start ---> run

2. Type msconfig and click enter.

3. Under start up tab uncheck the HP digital imaging monitor (and other HP related files if needed)

4. Click apply and then ok.

5. Restart the system.

After system is rebooted a window called "System configuration utility" may come up warning that start up items have been modified and ask you to start windows in normal mode. Check the box "Don't show this message again" and press OK.

If the issue persists, please perform the steps given below:

1. Right-click Start, and then click Open all users.

2. Double-click the Programs folder.

3. Double-click the Startup folder to open its contents.

4. Click the all-in-one entry and hold the mouse button down.

5. While holding down the mouse button, drag the HP icon out of the Startup folder and onto an open portion of the Windows desktop.

6. Release the mouse button to "drop" the icon onto the desktop.

7. Do the same for Fast start icon of Image Zone.
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