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True Scan to E-mail without a computer

I have been having a very difficult time finding a list of machines that will do TRUE scan to email.  I'm not talking about where you do a scan and then it's sent to a PC to be emailed out.  I'm talking about setting up SMTP on a network connected scanner, and scanning to an email address without using a PC.


I know certain models will do this, such as the HP 8500 A909n or A909g.  I also know that the A909a model does NOT have this functionality, although the documentation is extremely misleading.  I have seen several posts on this matter from people who bought machines based on documentation, only to find out you need to use a PC to do the scanning.


I think HP calls it "HP Direct Digital Filing." to have this capability.   But after extensive searches, all I have been able to do is find some manuals that say "Some models only" for DDF, and it's never listed which models it applies to.  I even do a comparison between products and I can't find anything.


I'd really appreciate it if someone could assist in this matter.  I just want to know a good way to tell which machines have this capability.  Seems like a very important detail to omit.

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Re: True Scan to E-mail without a computer

I think the CM2320nf, M3035mfp and CM4730mfp support that but don't quote me on that :smileywink:

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HP Digital Direct Filing

Kind of sad, isn't it?  No one is really sure about this.  I don't know if it's greedy marketing or just terrible documentation.  In any event, the number of people that have bought scanners that don't serve the purpose they were purchased for is a problem.  Either I have to painstakingly spend a ridiculous amount of time researching the scanner to see if it will do what it promises (and then cross my fingers) or I tell people to go buy a Brother.  Which choice do you think a busy worker is more inclined to make?

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