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Officejet v40 error message.

I have been doing a lot of work around the house, getting ready for college and helping out my folks. They asked me to take the old printer upstairs and hook it up to our HP. I got it all ready, and put the power cord in.

When the computer stared initializing, I walked away to take care of some other work and when I came back, all the lights were flashing. On the little screen it said, "Error c00e0402" with the prompt under it telling me to, "Turn power off and on."

I figured that it wasn't all that bad, sense the printer had given me a little trouble in the past, so I did as it said and turned the power off. It began to initialize again and the same message came up. I repeated this over and over about ten times before unplugging the printer. I plugged it back in but it made no difference. I then tried taking out the cord that connected to the tower but again, no luck.

After looking the internet over for a while I found no mention of my error, but instead an error with the tag c00e0401. All I can conclude is that maybe it was a similar error, though I still had no idea how to fix it.

If I could please have some assistance with this problem, that would be very nice. All the preparations I have been doing for college have put me at wits end and had I the money, I would have bought a new printer. If this is not a solvable problem, should I just go ahead and start saving up for a new one?
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Re: Officejet v40 error message.

you transported the printer. Internal system errors like that can come from the self-test finding that something is wrong, usually with a printhead, the cable and PCB connecting the printhead(s) to the printer's main board or the main board itself. Check for a loose cable or flex-print, and connection problems.
If that doesn't help, check for ink spilled over the electronic components in the printer. Even half-dry, ink can cause shorts. Excess ink can be removed using a mix of alcohol, water, and soap usually sold as window cleaner. Take care all components are DRY before switching the printer on again by putting the cleaned parts in the sun or a similar warm place for a day.
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