OJ 6500 E710N-z. Unable to scan, copy, (752 Views)
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OJ 6500 E710N-z. Unable to scan, copy,

or send a fax.

I've a new OJ 6500a plus set up on a freshly installed and updated Win7 64bit pc, . I used the full featured driver from the website.

When I push the scan or copy buttons on the printer, I get "Unable to scan, copy, or send a fax."

When I try to scan from within the HP software, I get "An error occurred while scanning."

Can someone please point me to a fix?


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Re: OJ 6500 E710N-z. Unable to scan, copy,

WEll ... I have the same problem and have been in conversations with HP techs for 3-days and we're still conversing.  They have sent me several fixes but none have worked.  I have again sent E-mail their way tonight with repeated requests for valid instructions but have yet to hear.  I am one-day from taking this $200.00 plus four ink cartridges piece of junk back to staples for a refund.  I find it hard to believe HP tech (obviously encouraged by HP) with the total inability to offer a fix  for this machine using Windows 7.  However, I am open and would welcome any direction and advice.


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Re: OJ 6500 E710N-z. Unable to scan, copy,

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That's HP's  little secret about the 6500 series all-in-ones; the communication link is lousy and there is no fixing it.  After 5 hours on the phone trying to get my 6500 to work properly, (computer can't find printer, scanner can't find computer, uninstall all 653 MB of software and start all over again, etc.) I felt guilty enough since they really tried to help me, to buy a service contract for $44.  I had no idea the number of days that I would subsequently spend on the phone with tech support and it always came down to uninstall, re-install.


I finally got fed up and asked them to send me new printer (you have to ask) so they replaced the 6500 with a rebuilt 6500A.  The wireless worked but not the Ethernet cable on the rebuild so I have been using it W/L.


The 6500A, in the middle of scanning a bunch of documents, suddenly decides that my computer cannot be found for the next doc.  Every time you use the scan to computer, you must re-establish the link; every time.  As soon as the computer goes to sleep (or before), the link is lost.  Sometimes when printing, same thing "no printer can be found". 


You must run; run fast and far away from these printers; don't waste anymore time on them, they are not worth the trouble even if you get them free of charge (i.e. the 6500A they sent me)!  Sadly HP can't get them to work either, but they'd rather lose customers than tell you that and replace the bad ones with different models that actually work. 

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Re: OJ 6500 E710N-z. Unable to scan, copy,

i have the same problems stil different help from hp support.

sometimes  can i make one scan and than it's back as usual..frames with the replie that you also get or..

cant find printer or scan on your pc


did you havefound a good sollution?

thanks a lot

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