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Elaine W
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Marketresearch.msi prompting for cd

How do i get rid of the window when starting up my computer....well I followed David Schwind's advise and downloaded the program and selected market research....and worked great. Thanks David! I had downloaded the hp driver for my printer because it had been lost and I needed the xp version since I had upgraded my windows software....but I got that stupid marketresearch prompting asking for a disc to insert...which I didn't have and it wouldn't take it from my hp folder under the marketresearch folder :( thanks again David for this simple solution....
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Ed Spade
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Re: Marketresearch.msi prompting for cd

I have the same problem How do I get rid of it
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Re: Marketresearch.msi prompting for cd

ditto, how do i get rid of this.
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Gaurang Gandhi
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Re: Marketresearch.msi prompting for cd

i have a same problem how can i solve it...???
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arsalan sadeghi
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Re: Marketresearch.msi prompting for cd

we need this file marketresearch.msi
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Re: Marketresearch.msi prompting for cd

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Overview: this may occur because you manually deleted or uinstalled HP WebPrinting, HP Support,  HP Solution Center, or one of the related "support" applications from HP.


WARNING: the procedure below requires you to edit your registry. You can seriously muck up your system if you delete the wrong thing. You should back up your registry before proceeding. (That said, if you follow the instructions precisely below, you should be just fine.) Proceed at your own risk.


High-level: Search the registery and find the "use source" path you are being prompted to find for the app "marketresearch.msi" and delete it.




I suggest you read the entire procedure once through before proceeding. You need to be careful when doing this. It's easy, but not trivial in its potential consequences if you do it wrong.


1. In the dialog box on your computer that prompts you to enter the CD or other path, copy a piece of the install path from the Use Source drop-down list box. On my system, the dialog box is titled "TrayApp". The string I copied is "7zS26E6\setup"

2. Select the Windows Start button.

3. Choose Run.

4. Enter "regedit"

5. If using Vista or Windows 7, approve the security prompt

6. When the registry displays, choose Edit > Find. Enter your string from Step 1, in my case,  "7zS26E6\setup"

7. When the string is displayed, select the parent key in the left window. In my case, this was a string of characters, "12BFF2B688CA3C54A9D7B43B7E44CE19"


The full REGEDIT path on my machine is:




See the screen capture attached, at bottom, for an example of what it probably looks like.


8 Press Delete.

9. When prompted, "Are you sure you want to permanently delete this key and all of its subkeys?", select Yes.

10. You can stop here if you'd like and reboot to see if the problem persists. (Bookmark this page first.)


After rebooting, if you are prompted again for the installation path, repeat the process.


10. To be sure the install prompt does not reappear, you can repeat steps 6-10 to eliminate other occurances. You can press F3 to repeat the search. I had to do this more than a dozen times.


BE CAREFUL. If you have installed a driver or related software for an HP or Compaq printer, do not delete the parent key in the Registry for that printer. In my case, the parent key was "DigitalImaging." You may disable the printer app that tells you when your toner is low, etc. (If that is of value to you.) Proceed at your own risk.


CAUTION: If you are prompted, "Deleting certain registry keys may cause system instability. Are you sure you want to permanently delete this value?" you may want to err on the side of caution and choose No.


11. While you are here, go clean out your TEMP directory, which is where this installer was looking for its source file. Mine had 229 MB of crap in it. Go to 




Choose Edit > Select All (CTRL+A).

Press Delete.

When prompted, choose Yes


Congratulations, you just cleaned your registry.


You may want to clean your entire registry of errors like this. Over time, it gets bloated with stuff left over from old applications and slows down your system incrementally over time.  Here is a third-party review of several programs that will optimize your registry. (Disclaimer: I am not afilliated with this individual. Use your discretion.)


Regards and Happy Computing


Brian Phelps

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Re: Marketresearch.msi prompting for cd

I am terribly suffered by the pop-up 'marketresearch' while windows7 starts. Help me to get rid of it.

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Re: Marketresearch.msi prompting for cd

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I am receiving at message that my "marketresearch.msi" file is missing from my computer.  I have an HP Pavilin dm4-3050us running Windows 7.  Can anyone help me with this issue.  I tried through the HP Forums group and was unable to receive any help.  I hope not to have to delete my entire HP software and reload to solve this problem!


Thank you,


Trish Freeman


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Re: Marketresearch.msi prompting for cd

how do I get rid of marketresearch message

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