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Laserjet 3052 (3055) - Scan too light

With my Laserjet 3052 (3055) I frequently scan loads of papers using the ADF in black and white. Since switching to a new PC with Vista (old PC XP) the scans come much too light (almost unreadable). I can manually adjust each page in the TWAIN dialogue, but that can't be the only solution. Is there a place where I can generally influence scans to come darker? Any other ideas? Thanks!
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Re: Laserjet 3052 (3055) - Scan too light

This also happens to me. Scans with Laserjet 3052 on Vista are too light. I believe this is an issue with the HP scanning software because the Windows Scan and Fax yields acceptable result (but sadly no multipage support).

I hope HP will come out with a solution soon.
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Re: Laserjet 3052 (3055) - Scan too light

I have the same problem.  I agree it is the HP scanning software.  It is sad that HP isnt addressing this issue.  Has anyone found other software that will work?


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Re: Laserjet 3052 (3055) - Scan too light



I had the same issue: Scan is too light when using the ADF.  I found no way to adjust it.


The problem occurred with the latest software on HP's support site: HP LaserJet 3050/3052/3055/3390/3392 North America/Western Europe Full Software Solution version 4.0 (27 Mar 2007, 364.8 MB)


Downgrading to the older version that came on CD with the printer (marked Q6500-60139, dated 2006) worked for me, and the ADF scans are now quite readable.  However, this software could only be installed in Windows XP (not Vista).


There is even less support for this printer under Windows 7 (64): Network scanning is not possible, and scanning using the USB cable is slow.


If my post didn't help, at least it informed.

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Re: Laserjet 3052 (3055) - Scan too light

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      I'm experiencing the same problem with HP's TWAIN driver. I created a scan destination typical of what most business users would need. Scan to desktop, creating a PDF, at 300 dpi resolution in 1 bit B&W. What happens is that the default B&W scanning threshold provided by HP is incorrect. This is what causes the scan to be too light. In the setup menu, you can try to change the setting by ticking the open TWAIN Dialog check box. Scan again, the scan is done in COLOR even though you've got B&W chosen in the wizard. You can then use the pull down menu in the HP (TWAIN) Scanning to choose again that you want 1 bit B&W and then re-set the threshold higher to show up fainter scans. Now this would all be fine if HP allowed you to retain these settings you've just accomplished for the next scan. But guess what? They don't. A scan that should take 15-20 seconds has you fumbling with settings for 3-4 minutes with every scan. This scan driver has been nothing but a pain and it is apalling that a company like HP would abandon us with no driver revision offered.

     Use the Microsoft provided wia scannning driver instead and it won't try to print in color every time. In Vista it is  C:\Windows\System32\wiaacmgr3.exe. Set a shortcut on the desktop to it. Open the program and set your own defaults and scanning profiles. You can use the program PlotSoft iII - free pdf writer and set it up like a printer. Print your scanned jpg and tiff files to pdf. I don't know why HP can't integrate this stuff better for us.

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