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LaserJet Scanning Functionality

Am looking for an update to the imaging driver/scan software for the LJ 3050 series MFP.  The current driver installs differently when installing the file:  lj3050x-309x-PCL6-pnp-win-en.exe VS. hp_LJ3050-3052-3055-3390-3392_Full_Solution_AMWE.exe with only the basic drivers chosen. One would intuitively think that there would be no difference, but what happens is that documents scan too lightly using the basic (pnp) driver. The basic (pnp) driver fails to install any files in to the location C:\Program Files\Hp\Digital Imaging\bin and apparently there are some settings in there that affect the light dark scan quality.

The only way to get this thing to work properly is to use the full package and uncheck the ToolboxFx install. When scanning, push the contrast setting fully out to 100% to get blue inked time stamps to show up. Hp runs the risk of becoming irrelevant in the marketplace if it doesn't test software, following up in real world situations, thus ensuring proper functionality.


We've got to get some better support over time via software and driver updates. Is it too much to ask that a package be updated after 5-7 years, just like Microsoft or Apple would do?


LaserJet 3050


Windows Vista 32


Hp Pavilion dv8408us notebook computer.


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Re: LaserJet Scanning Functionality

There's a sentence added above to my previous post  "1 person had this problem" which was not placed there by me and I can't edit it out.


Please see  where several have described this same problem.

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Re: LaserJet Scanning Functionality

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>which was not placed there by me


This occurs automatically when someone pushes the ME TOO button.

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Re: LaserJet Scanning Functionality

Dennis - Thanks for the clarification.

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Re: LaserJet Scanning Functionality

From the other angle though I presume consumers are willing to pay for contunuous support through a very extended life cycle on what is a low end and limited life product?


Vista itself introduced many of the compatibilty problems with UAC and new kernel structures and whilst you say Microsoft update drivers after 5-7 years this is certainly untrue, XP threw much of our loved hardware on the scrapheap claiming incompatable hardware, a perfect example was parallel scanners - my almost new Umax scanner was declare incompatable after upgrading from Windows 98 to XP. I didn't see Microsoft write any drivers or help, Umax eventually released some XP drivers which I had to pay for but a fair amount of functionality was missing.

Vista was effectively End of life Oct 22nd 2011 so you're running a printer well out of it's support period on effectively an unsupported operating system as Microsoft won't support it or supply updates.


With the current work rolling up the Unidriver into a more singular package and Futuresmart firmware hopefully we'll see a change to the problems that Vista introduced.


I simply switched to linux to allow me to carry on using my "obsolete" hardware and some 7 years + down the line they still work.


Not the answer you're looking for I know but it's the same when people try connecting a 10 or 12 year old laser to Windows and complain the drivers don't work fully - strange how I can connect them to linux and they work fine.


I don't agree with the problems and feel if these items work fine then there should be legacy support for previous products, there seems an industry methodology to remove a lot of these on refreshes or provide only limited functionality forcing upgrade paths but the price of continued support would probably be higher end product prices. 


One final thought though - I believe the 3050 is a TWAIN scanner, I would look at any programs that might recognise this and allow the functionality you need, HP do a stand alone scan program but it might be there are several others you can try, you might have more control over the input settings that way ?

Not a great fix but if you do find something it might provide some life span on the product ?

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Re: LaserJet Scanning Functionality

The 3050 and many other LaserJet MFP’s, I suspect, are best made to function by using the WIA driver (wiaacmgr.exe) and not the TWAIN driver (hppscan3.exe). In the workplace, we need a device that will scan blue inked time stamps and signatures on documents into a B&W or Grayscale image file. Use the full installation .exe file and uncheck the crash prone ToolboxFX software suite option. After getting everything running, I then deleted the old 3050 PCL6 printer driver and installed the UPD version 5.4. It has worked well now for a couple of months. To get the necessary .pdf files from scanning print to file using the plotsoft .pdf writer.


We purchased our 3050 in 3/2007 and the hardware continues to function well. I think it was $299.00 US. Not the most expensive machine out there, but not the cheapest either. Our printing page count is now over 34,000. Assuming an average cost of $70.00 and 2,500 pages printed per toner cartridge, we’ve put over $1,200.00 into this machine.  What we’ve gotten in return is a software package that was last updated in 6/2007, having been sent out the door at HP without being fully tested and evaluated. Otherwise, wouldn’t we be able to scan blue ink?   Is it really any wonder that HP is struggling?

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