LaserJet 3050 will not install -- missing a .dll file (419 Views)
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LaserJet 3050 will not install -- missing a .dll file

I have an IBM Thinkpad running XP SP2. I downloaded the drivers and software, but they will not install. The installation hangs towards the end, and I get the following error message:

"The file hpzidr12.dll on HP Scanning Software is needed. Type the path where the file is located,and then click OK."

There is no path to click. The software won't install. I thought I was downloading all the .dll files I needed. If they won't install, then I can't direct the system to find them, can I?

I must add, the fact that HP does not even offer live chat to its printer customers during non-business hours is shocking, deplorable, and disgusting. I don't have time to screw with installation during the week -- that's why I was doing it on a weekend.

I doubt I will ever, ever, ever buy another HP product again. If they do not support me, I sure as heck am not going to support them.

In the meantime, however, I am of course stuck. I need someone to help me find this (expletive deleted) file so I can (expletive deleted) print.

Bill Hewlitt and David Packard surely are turning in their graves. What a disgrace.
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Re: LaserJet 3050 will not install -- missing a .dll file

First off Jerry I do not know what driver package you downloaded from the hp site as they have separate drivers for printing and plug and play packages that include the scanning software. None of the downloads includes the toolbox. I would ask first what happened to the original cd that came with the unit. You are expecting hp to provide you with everything you need even though the printer has been discontinued and you complain when the download does not work since you expect 24x7 servicef for free support. What you should do is download one of the other version of the software. If you downloaded the pcl6 version, download the pcl5 and see if that works. If you get the same error then just do a google search for the file name as I came up with over 5000 hits and a large number of sites where you can download the file. Now if all you want to do is print, the forget about the large plug and play files and just download the pcl5 driver, unzip the files in a directory called hp3050 and then use the add printer wizard and follow the prompts and when you get to the makers page say have disk and browse to the hp3050 directory and finish up.
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