HP Psc 1210 Printing very slow (1060 Views)
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HP Psc 1210 Printing very slow

My HP psc 1210 printer recently start to print stuff extremely slow. Its unbearable to wait so long. 12 pages per minute machine become like a 1 pages in 12minutes. Maybe more than 12mins.

The ON LED start to blink for quite a while before the paper is feed in then print a row or a line and stop for very long before printing the next. The printout eventually came out but take very long to finish.

The printout by computer or copying both have the same problem ie. very slow.

What could be the cause?
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Re: HP Psc 1210 Printing very slow

Hi Tan,

This could be a hardware problem or printer driver problem.

Try to print a self test report* from the printer and see how much time it will take to print if it takes more than 30 seconds, then there is a possiblity of a hardware malfunction.

Beofore we get to a conclusion try cleaning of feed rollers and move the carriage manually to find out if it is moving freely.
Note: If alrerady done then please ignore.

1.From the front panel, press and hold Cancel, and then press Color Start.

2.Release both buttons.

I recommend you to visit this web page and perform the steps given there..


Please let me know the results.

All the best


Praveen M
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Re: HP Psc 1210 Printing very slow

Clean the roller and the cartridge contact.

Tried to print a test page but the printout took about 3 minutes and 50 seconds for 3 tries.

Any way to reinitialise the machine back to factory default?
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Re: HP Psc 1210 Printing very slow

This sounds identical to an issue I found with my mom's psc 1210. I found that the problem was isolated to the printer (occurred when copying as well as printing) and continued even after replacing the print cartridges with new ones. I contacted HP Technical Support and we quickly determined that it was a printer hardware issue. HP replaced the printer and my mom has been very pleased with the printer ever since!

Here's the HP Technical Support page for the psc 1210, where you will find links for either an online chat with a technician or phone numbers:


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