HP Officejet Pro 8000 - networked: constantly goes 'offline' (6053 Views)
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HP Officejet Pro 8000 - networked: constantly goes 'offline'

The printer is connected to LAN (wired).
It constantly goes into 'offline' status, and I need to startup a wired computer to uncheck the 'offline' button to allow printing.

The offline status comes on again as soon as wired computer is not used for a while (or powered down).

I cannot access the 'offline' setting from the (wireless network) notebook.

What can be done to prevent the printer from going 'offline' all the time?

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Re: HP Officejet Pro 8000 - networked: constantly goes 'offline'

Did you ever get this solved? I have the same problem.
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Re: HP Officejet Pro 8000 - networked: constantly goes 'offline'

I had the same problem with an HP Officejet Pro L7580. The configuration worked more than one year without problems, and a few weeks ago the printer suddenly switched to offline state on my wlan notebook after completing a job. A second computer (desktop, connected by LAN) was not affected by this problem. I tried many things, including a complete new installation of the printer drivers and the complete recovering of old system backup on my notebook, but the problem could not be solved by this modifications.


Finally I tried to change some printer configurations (try and error, partly without deeper understanding).

The solution I found was, to deactivate the SNMP-status.

Since this change, the problem is fixed.


Can anyone confirm this solution?

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Re: HP Officejet Pro 8000 - networked: constantly goes 'offline'

Add me to the list. I'm getting offline all the time.
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Re: HP Officejet Pro 8000 - networked: constantly goes 'offline'

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Re: HP Officejet Pro 8000 - networked: constantly goes 'offline'

I have tried all of that stuff and still it keeps going offline.


See, I am a user on a tight security netowrk so each and every time I have to print I either have to have IT sign in the admin account and run the Diagnostic utlity or I have to reboot the computer to get it to print. I print alot, and all of my work is on the computer as all of our info is web based. Wiht this junk DELL  E6400ATG and good old vista, the time frame for me to reboot for 7 print jobs takes my whole day.


While I was on XP this never happened. In fact I have my personal machine on XP and this never happens. I even have a MAC on wireless to the same printer and this NEVER happens. Only with the VISTA machine. It worked fine wiht the old software for Vista but since the upgrade.............Junk.


The problem is in the HP software that was designed for VIsta.


I am about to trash this all in one and get some other make just so I can print




 It is enough to make one consider eating a bullet.

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Re: HP Officejet Pro 8000 - networked: constantly goes 'offline'

help print constantly goes offline  what am I oing wrong how do I fix need to print desperately

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Re: HP Officejet Pro 8000 - networked: constantly goes 'offline'

[ Edited ]

I too have had this problem come and go as an issue over that last year or so.  Lately, the problem has escelated and gotten worse despite having tried nearly every "trick" to be found using Google.  The problem would not go away so I assumed there was something wrong with my computer and I did a full system reformat & re-install of W7 w/ SP1.  BTW, my computer is a Dell Alienware M17x r4.

I also have 2 other HP printers installed on this computer and have never had problem with either of them (one 8500 series here at work that I use when the 8000 is not working and another 6000 series HP at home).

Even after doing a complete computer wipe (that was hours and hours of fun!) I was delighted (major sarcasm) to find that the problem was still there.  I gotta tell you, looking under the Devices and Printers the first time after finishing with my computer and seeing the Officejet Pro 8000 Enterprise grayed out which means that it's offline brought all kinds of warm fuzzy feelings! (more sarcasm)  Matter of fact, I don't believe there are words to describe the emotions I was feeling (not sarcasm).

ANY WAY, I since then discorvered a "work around" that I wanted to share in case anyone else was having this issue.  It involves restarting the print spooler after sending a print to the printer.  I've found that it releases the print and it starts printing.  It can be done manually by going under the Windows Services and then finding the print spooler but I've come up with a automated way to do this.  Once again, this is working on my W7 machine so results will vary on other OS I'm sure.

The first step for the "automated process" is to create the file that will "do the work"  Here is what to do:

Open notepad and add the following lines:

net stop spooler
net start spooler

Save as spooler.bat and before hitting the save button, change the file type to All Files.


You can now send a print and then run this file.  On my machine, I have to run the file "As Administrator" which you do by right clicking on the file.  If I don't run "As Administrator" then it doesn't work.  This doesn't fix the problem completely because you have to run this file each time after you send the print.

I also went once step further and automated the "Run As Administrator" process by creating a shortcut to the file.   The reason you have to create a shortcut is because windows won't let you take a .BAT file and set it to always run "As Administrator" but it will let you make that change to a shortcut.  I moved the .BAT file to a different folder first to keep it in and "out of the way" since I won't need access to it.  The shortuc I'll need every time I print so I placed it on the desktop.  Simply right click on the desktop and select new and then shortcut.  It will ask you the location of the item and you navigate to wherever you moved the BAT file.  Once the shortcut is created, right click on it and click on the Advanced button.  Then check the box that says "Run as administrator" and hit OK and then OK again to get out of the shortcut properties window.

It's a ROYAL PAIN and sad that I've come up with this "fix" before HP has but hopefully the issue is resolved sometime soon.  Until then, happy spooler restarting and I hope this helps others.  For me, it's better than having to get up and walk to the other office where the other printer is.

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Re: HP Officejet Pro 8000 - networked: constantly goes 'offline'

I thought I had tried every trick out there but actually came across another "fix" I hadn't tried and it worked!  I forget exactly where I saw it but here are the instructions.  This works a whole lot better because it doesn't require having to restart the print spooler every time.


Go to Devices & Printers.
Right click the printer and select Printer Properties in the submenu (not to be confused with just plain properties).
Select the Ports tab and click the active port in the list.
Then click the Configure Port button and here you will find a checkbox for SNMP status.  Mine was checked active.  You want to un-check this box so that SNMP Status is disabled.
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