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HP Laserjet 3100 Printer Driver

I am having trouble locating a driver for my HP Laserjet 3100 Printer the all-in-one. Can anyone please direct me to where I can download the driver? I already looked in the hp website and on Ebay with no luck, unless I am not looking in the right place.
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Re: HP Laserjet 3100 Printer Driver

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Re: HP Laserjet 3100 Printer Driver

Hi Wendy,
The full software for this printer is not available to download,and will need to be ordered.Depending on ur operating system,u can either download the printing driver (with win 98),and if working wiht win 2K or XP,u will have the printer driver built-in the operating system,u can install it using the add printer wizard.
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Re: HP Laserjet 3100 Printer Driver

I've been struggling with this same sorry subject for a while for my parents' Laserjet 3100. I can confirm that the Laserjet 3100 print driver does not come with Windows XP, even the most recent versions. There are many copies of the supposed print driver floating around on the Internet, but most of them are actually just the JetSuite software, and not the print driver.

I have never seen a printer for which the vendor did not put even simple print drivers up on the web site for download, and I think it's outrageous that I'm forced to pay $10 blackmail for HP to send me a CD. The printer itself came only with drivers for Win9x, even though it was purchased around 2000 or 2001. HP lost a lot of cred with me on this problem.

Larry Seltzer
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Re: HP Laserjet 3100 Printer Driver

OOPS! I meant to add to this discussion but hit the wrong button and unintentionally started a new thread which I copied and pasted below.
Aug 25, 2005 05:18:10 GMT

I am experiencing problems similar to those above. Recently I upgraded from an HP Pavilion which used Windows 98 to a Compaq Presario with Windows XP. I did not realizing that it too is an HP product. My HP Pavilion gave me 5 years of grief. Now, here we go again. I am 67 and not computer literate so mistakes are easy. My Comaq is starting to frustrate me. I to am greatly dissipointed with HP that I was required to purchase yet another CD from HP in order to make my HP Laserjet 3100 work. I live in Edmonton Canada and they charged me $16.00. After some bumbling I succeded in making it work. After a few days my Compaq went nuts so I was required to use the recovery which lost the 3100 install. There are several frustrations with the HP Laserjet 3100 software. First it keeps making me re-register for the umpteenth time. It does not store any registration information and makes me re-type all the information each time. It keeps wanting to dial a phone line to register and has no provision for an Internet connect via Shaw Cable as is my Internet access. Now, when I try to reload the software using the CD they sold me, it keeps wanting to uninstall first but will not because it keeps coming up with,"The log file"C:\jetNT\uninst.isu" is not valid or the data has been corrupted. Uninstall will not continue". I tried numerous times to access the HP CHAT HELP line and it either does not allow me to access or closes the CHAT SESSION stating the problem has been resolved??? I continue in ever decressing circles. Is there anyone in this Great World that can help me out of this mess???????????????????????????
Frustrated Les
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Re: HP Laserjet 3100 Printer Driver


I've has similar problems. After a hard drive failure I had to re-install windows and upgraded to XP Home service pack 2 (had been running SP1). When I tried to re-install the laserjet 3100 I started to have problems.

The software appears to be installed but I can't get windows to see the printer - every time I start the computer I get the 'new hardware found' wizard and it can't find any drivers. But when I try to uninstall the 3100 software I get errors about it not being installed; when I try to re-run the setup I get an error telling me that the system can't find hte setup files on the CD. I have used this CD to install the softweare on a windows 2000 machine with no problem.
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Re: HP Laserjet 3100 Printer Driver

I have an old (but in good shape) HP Laserjet 3100- Back print only - need for windows 7 Operating system and 32 byths.  It isn't on the  HP list of availablr printers or assistance, but I see many people have this printer.    Any suggestions on who I can get the installation disk and driver from?


Jan Russell


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