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HP\Digital Imaging\Skins\oov1\skin.xml

Hi there, exactly the same problem on my computer. I tried all the suggestions in the forum but it still doesn`t work. Please, help.
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Re: HP\Digital Imaging\Skins\oov1\skin.xml


if you follow the instructions, it will resolved the issue. might be lil complicated but will work out.

Open Windows Explorer.

Click the + sign next to Local Disk (C:).

Click the + sign next to Program Files.

Click the + sign next to HP or Hewlett Packard.

Click the + sign next to Digital Imaging.

Click the + sign next to Skins.

Make sure there are only two folders; one named hp1 and one named hp2. If there are any variations to the folder name, or extra folders, delete them.

If there are not any extra folders, check the contents of the folder and make sure they are correct.

Look inside the hp1 folder; it should contain sixteen icons (including folders).

Look inside the hp2 folder it should also contain sixteen icons (including folders

If the hp1 folder is incomplete and the hp2 folder is complete, copy the contents of hp2 into the hp1 folder.

If they are both incomplete or one of them is missing, browse to the CD and manually install the hp2 folder. Then copy the contents of hp2 into the hp1 folder. Complete the following steps to do this:

Open Windows Explorer.

Insert the software installation CD and close any screens that open.

Click the + sign next to the CD-ROM drive letter.

Click the + sign next to the Setup folder.

Click the + sign next to the SkinsHP folder.

Right-click SkinsHP2.msi and choose install. Wait until the file has been installed.

Browse back to C:\Program Files\HP or the Hewlett Packard\digital imaging\Skins folder. Copy the contents of hp2 into the hp1 folder.

if the above steps fail, run the uninstall from the CD, then delete the HPskins folder and reinstall the software.

Skins error additional information
The previous versions of HP software created HP1 and HP2 folders at the following location: $System Drive$\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\Skins\ But in the newer versions, the HP2 folder is not longer generated and has been replaced by a folder named OOV1.

NOTE: If either of the folders is missing, manually create the folder.

Besides using the compatibility change to resolve the skins related errors, the following may also be used.

Browse to the location C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\Skins. Under this folder, ensure that there are two folders: HP1 and OOV1.

Copy all the contents of HP1 to OOV1. Ensure that skins.xml is one of the files copied.

Restart the computer and open HP Director or Solution Center.

If the above steps fail, perform the following steps to resolve the issue:

Browse the AIO installation disk to the following location: D:\setup\skinshp1\ and double-click SkinsHP1.msi where D is the letter of the CD-ROM drive.

Expand the files to the location C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\Skins\HP1.

Copy the contents of HP1 to OOV1.

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Re: HP\Digital Imaging\Skins\oov1\skin.xml

to CA1475358


I have been having the issues with my scanner except it was worse. I finally installed everything HP on my computer and reinstalled the software. BTW - my installation CD will only speak to me in Spanish these days but i got the software in. I had created a folder with all the HP updates i could fine concerning the issue with IE 7 & 8.

HO Director would open but then I got that:


C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\Skins\00v1\skin.xml error and was at my wits end.


I read through your document and

was a little nervous about attempting some of you solutions. BUT...I got brave and put the CD in the drive and navigated to the skins.setup files and double clicked on both HP1 and HP2 folders. They created the missing HP2 folder that  was missing on my drive. I then copied all the files in the HP2 folder to the 00v1 folder and HP Director open right up! I rebooted and tried it again just to check my luck if it didn't work.!!!!!!

I have spent three weeks emailing HP for assistance and have over 35 replies from them. None of there suggestions worked. I even broke down and was willing to pay for the solution. I was calling for 5 hours one day waiting to talk to someone. I finally got a real person and when it got to the money part i found out the did not accept debit cards! I was at my wits end until i found your document.

Thank you very much for your help



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