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HP CM6040MFP - corrupt prints



We are occasionally experiencing corrupt printouts on our 6040MFPs'  We will be printing hundreds of pages and then one or two will become corrupt.


Firmware is updated to the newest, we've factory reset and calibrated a few times.  Also did a nvram reset.


The problem still continued and we then replaced the formatter board and copy connect card.  This didn't solve the issue.

We installed 3 more of these printers and now they're all having the same issue.

We also have about 20 of these at our main office and none of them have ever had these corrupt printout issues.


This problem is obviously not with the printers themselves

Also we're using IP printing and do not have print servers.

Please see the attachment and feel free to give advice..





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Re: HP CM6040MFP - corrupt prints

Interesting issue you have, I would check the jetdirect firmware against

first to see if that needs updating, sometimes I've had strange issues resolved by updating the jetdirect.

I would also look to see if any particular file or user is the trigger, if so I would isolate the issue and perhaps connect a PC directly to the printer by a cross over cable to try and replicate the problem.

Another tactic I would try is direct printing, if I found the file that seemed to be the trigger, open an ftp to the printer in your browser, you will see a folder called "port 1", drag and drop the file there, it should print - it will only do this with RTF, TXT and PDF though.

Another thought is if your using pcl driver try PS driver if it's proving tricky.


I will add one last thought, we had an almost identical issue this week on a customer with a colour 3800, after sending an engineer in he found they were using a lexmark driver and had somehow mapped the ip address to the printer, we believe they originally had lexmark, replaced it with the HP but no one had removed the old driver so I would be mindful to check no rogue drivers.

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Re: HP CM6040MFP - corrupt prints

Hi Kevin


I noticed you replied to this thread earlier so I will keep to this one then.


There are no new jetdirect firmware for these printers.  What makes especially difficult to trace is that is happens randomly to any user, it can be a pdf file, just a normal email, or word document and then maybe once every 3 weeks 1 page out of 300 will be corrupt.


We've printed reams and reams of  paper and can never replicate the issue, not even once.

One of the onsite It tech's reported that a user reported a corrupt printout.  He then did a configuration page printout from the printer (not from the webadmin page) and the pages pint corrupt as well. On the 2nd try it worked fine. This sort of point it too an internal fault?   This one had the formatter and copy connect card replaced.


We use a HP PS Universal driver for all our networked printers atm and all the old drivers from the previous lexmark ones had been removed.


I will ask a couple of users to do direct prints and see what happens.


Thanks for you advice.



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