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HP 3050: The HP imaging device could not be initialized

This is a new device installed under XP Pro sp2, connected through powered USB2 hub. The installation notes make no sense when they say install from the CD - it is impossible to install from the CD under XP Pro because of conflict=hang from the New Hardware Wizard. So installed with CD loaded but from NHW. All functions work fine EXCEPT scan (to a file). Scan from the printer giver error message "Scanner reserved for PC use," and scan from the PC gives error message "The HP imaging device could not be initialized." I have read of that error on several other forums but did not see a relevant solution.
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Re: HP 3050: The HP imaging device could not be initialized

This must be a bug. I have installed the device and followed all help suggestions to no avail. I checked device manager and there are no conflicts. The device functions normally otherwise. Has anyone solved this probem or returned their printer for a refund?
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Re: HP 3050: The HP imaging device could not be initialized

Hi Russ,

The issue is that Scan function is nt communicating, fr this you have to run Fixscan utility, which is to be downloaded..

run this utility and then try scanning.. it should wrk...

If the OS is XP, then here is the utility, if not plz search in Hp website. tou ll get it easily.

Thank you!

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Re: HP 3050: The HP imaging device could not be initialized

Interesting feature must be at work here - it took a year to trigger a response! Nevertheless thanks for the tip and link, Raghu K. I'll save it for future reference. I did succeed last year, eventually, after re-installing several times using variations in method. I believe the ultimate success came by beginning the install from the CD but then when the instruction popped up to connect the device and the New Hardware Found wizard poked its head up, I let that complete its thing before interacting again with the CD installer.
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Re: HP 3050: The HP imaging device could not be initialized

Can you believe we have to go through all this when buying a product from such a big, successful company? You would think they could do a better job of engineering their product and not leave it up to end users like us. I fixed the problem on my printer with Fixscan.
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Re: HP 3050: The HP imaging device could not be initialized

I too am having problems on my HP 3055 (an old machine) scanning and printing, using a wireless connection. I have tried a bunch of stuff including deleting the software and re-installing (but it does not even recognize the printer now)- given that it is many years old is this a function of the innards of the printer? If I were to buy a new 4-1 printer would everything be ok, or would I still be faced with no connection?
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Re: HP 3050: The HP imaging device could not be initialized

I have had the same problem. Follow these 8 simple steps to fix it. At any point during this process DO NOT connect your printer with USB cable to your computer (if you want to use your printer over the network for scanning)

1. Uninstall the Printer Software completely by inserting the installation CD (if you have) or through Add/Remove Program

2. Restart Computer.

3. From HP website, download the Post Script Driver Application and NOT PCL Driver since you connect your printer over network). For 3055 for Windows XP you can download the Post Script Driver from here: http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/SoftwareDescription.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&prodTypeId=18...

Alternatively, you can search for the Post Script Driver for your relevant Printer and Operating System here: http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/ProductRoot.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&taskId=135

4. Run this file.
5. When the program starts searching for a device (Do not wait for it to finish searching) follow these steps to add your printer manually:

5a. Go to the Add a Printer Dialog Box.
5b. Click on Add a Printer
5c. Select Local Printer
5d. Select 'Create a new Port'
5e. Select HP Standard TCP/IP Port and Click Next
5e. In the Box 'Printer Name / IP Address', Write the IP address of your Printer and click Next.
5f. From the Dialog Box that appears Select HP as the Brand and the relevant Model Number of your Printer (3050 series in this case) and finish installing your printer.

6. Cancel and close The Post Script Driver application that is running.

7. Reinstall the Printer Software from the CD (Caution: DO NOT Connect Printer with USB Port anytime) and select the relevant options i.e. Printer Connected over Network. (This will take some time to complete)

8. Once over, if an additional printer appears in the List of Printers (with a PCL driver) you can safely delete that and select the Printer with the Post Script Driver as your default Printer.

9. Done. Check your scanning should work. It worked for me.
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