Color Laserjet CM1312 nfi MFP under Windows 7 (x64) (3988 Views)
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Color Laserjet CM1312 nfi MFP under Windows 7 (x64)



I bought this printer (Color laserjet CM1312 nfi MFP) last year; and works fine under win XP pro. When all  my computers migrate to win 7 (x64) ... nothing works. The call center/support said that in a period of 2 months all drivers would be updated ... still nothing . Last driver for win 7 (x64) oct, 27th 2009 !.


The issues are:

- HP Digital Imaging monitor .. not working.

- HP solution center ... not working

- To Send a scan to a folder ... not working.

- Preview scaned document  ... not working



So, please, tell me ... when do you think it will finally work?






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Re: Color Laserjet CM1312 nfi MFP under Windows 7 (x64)

I would try the Windows Server 2003 64bit drivers.  I have yet to find a Server 2003 64bit driver that didn't work on Windows 7 64bit.

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Re: Color Laserjet CM1312 nfi MFP under Windows 7 (x64)

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try this... it work for me.... :)


HP CM1312 64bit WIndows 7 Retail install.

1) Download: CM1312series_full_solution_v5.0_AM-EMEA.exe (306 MB)

2) Use the full download from the website and it self extracts to your root directory.To run the self 

extracting file, first set the compatibility mode to Vista sp2 and run as admin.

3) The files remain and you can find them here:


4) Set the compatibility mode to Vista sp2 and run as admin on the Setup.exe.

5) Run the full install. Works for both usb or network.

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Re: Color Laserjet CM1312 nfi MFP under Windows 7 (x64)

Thank You, sep11lady!  This annoying problem has been fixed for me now.  Digital Imagining monitor and ToolboxFX both function with this driver.


I'll give a little more detail on my experience in case this helps somebody else.


My Specs:

Lenovo Y560 - Intel i7 factory installed Windows 7 64 bit


I originally installed the 5.1 driver for Windows 7 64-bit.  However, after uninstalling/reinstalling multiple times, I just consigned myself to the fact that the digital imaging monitor would not function.  After reading your post, I decided to try one more time.  I downloaded the 5.0 version for Windows Vista 64 bit and set the compatibility and ran as Admin as you suggested.  When it first installed, the d.i.m. would not launch from the tray, but once I installed the "ToolboxFX" via the "Install additional software" link, the d.i.m. also began to function.  To be clear, I did uninstall 5.1 in control panel before installing 5.0. 


By the way, I also upgraded my firmware to 20110228 (latest), but that did not help with the 5.1 software.  Just adding it in case that needs to be done as well to get the 5.0 to work.  I also have a static IP for my printer, but that shouldn't matter.


Be aware, when you first click on the download to extract, it will also try to launch the installer.  Make sure you cancel the installation and go back to the directory where the files extracted to set compatibility on "SETUP" to Vista SP2 and run as Admin.



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Re: Color Laserjet CM1312 nfi MFP under Windows 7 (x64)

Did you run Lenovo System Update and install those Microsoft Patch? If yes, please try to uninstall the patch by performing system restore. Those patches got the whole system failure.

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Re: Color Laserjet CM1312 nfi MFP under Windows 7 (x64)

Thank you for your tip. I've tried for several hours without success. But with your instruction HP Solution Center (for scanning) is working now. For the toolbox (accessing the device status, toner level and so on) I had to create an extra desktop link to ..\ToolboxFX\bin\HPTLBXFX.exe and associate the exe-file with compatibility vista and "run as adminstrator". I don't understand, why HP cannot provide a working instruction for windows 7 - it's a shame.

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