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Bad Optional Tray

Our HP LaserJet M5035 MFP continuelsy gives us the error message: Bad optional Tray Connection. Please turn device off. Remove then reinstall the optional feeder.

I don't know where the optional feeder is!!!

It won't print when this error is present but I am able to scan items.

Please help!
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Re: Bad Optional Tray

Your machine has trays 2 and 3. Error that you have represents the problem with additional trays. So check connection with additional trays (those for 500 sheets). If you do not have additional trays than machines has problem with unproper detection of accessories and authorized service must be called to help.

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Re: Bad Optional Tray

You might need to reseat the printer on the additional trays, the connection is inside the tray area so not easy to see.

We had this on a site where the printer was on a carpeted floor and not a solid flat floor.

We moved the printer but still had the error, you then need to power down and open tray 2 and 3 and remove them, you should see 4 thumb screws securing the printer to the lower three trays.

Remove them, get 4 people to gently lift the printer and then reseat on the lower trays, reattach and power up.


In most cases we found reseating did work, it was rare to need spares.

It sometimes helps by the way to have a 5th person guiding the people lifting etc as the connection is not easy to see and you also need someone to ensure the connector is not damaged or dislodged which can happen, it's not an easy task while holding a heavy printer so it's a case of having plenty of hands to lift so it's quick and safe. After that if you still got errors I would be in the diagnostics menus running as many tests as possible to deternine the nature of the fault and isolate to one or more trays in case it's a single tray issue or a common logic board.

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