ZR30w blinks off - overheating? (7279 Views)
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Re: ZR30w blinks off - overheating?

New user here.  Just read briefly through most of the posts here.  It sounds like some of you believe this blinking issue is related to a particular video card, or drivers on the Windows platform.  I've had the ZR30w for about two weeks no, and while the blinking has appeared randomly, today it's been especially bad.


I run a MacPro (quad-core Xeon 2.93Ghz, 16Gb of RAM on OS X 10.6.7 64-bit) and ATI Radeon HD 5870, connected via the HP-supplied dual link DVI-D cable.  Unplugging the cable and plugging it back in seems to remedy the issue for me momentarily.  I sometimes see an odd horizontal line across the screen, which looks like it's not getting signal.  It's then that the blinking gets especially bad.


Looking at the replies, it doesn't appear to be anything related to any video card, or operating system.  I think there's something in the interface within the monitor that receives the signal from the video card.


During blinking, I've tried to change resolution, but to no avail.  The blinking seems to occur regardless of the resolution.  


Whatever it is, it's a manufacturer defect that happens randomly (but persistently) across this entire model line.  I really regret not keeping the box.  I'm at a point where returning this for a refund and getting a different brand completely is the best option.  I'm a photographed, and this being my main unit, it's a headache having to deal with its nuisances.

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Re: ZR30w blinks off - overheating?

I'm a new user too, in my case of a recently purchased ZR24w. My issue is very similar to all the above, except that in my case it doesn't blink off occasionally - rather, it blinks ON occasionally! I.e., black screen virtually always, except whilst the PC is booting ang starting Windows. Exceedingly annoying and unusable. But it only happens when receiving Display Port input directly from a native Display Port output from a high end card (ATI HD-6950). It's fine receiving input to/from DVI-D ports. Has anyone else experienced the problem this dire?

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Re: ZR30w blinks off - overheating?

I see all the problems that are being had in this situation in the past I have seen problems like these exhibit themselves when video card have memory problems  or addresing memory problems this monitor the ZR30w requires a rather large video memory buffer to display the resolution that is required for it to display. 2560 x1600 is alot of area and maybe on your previous screen you never exersized this much memory area or maybe it is like one of the posters said your monitor is losing sync but if your replacing monitors and you keep having the same problems then more than likely the odds of you getting 2 bad monitors in a row bad is highly unlikely. We all seem to forget that those who post in the forums are likely to have a problem and we all assume it is a big problem but in reality how many people have bought these very same monitors and have had no problems with them and have not posted here or anywhere else?? Just a thought in passing! I have one built in March 2011 and so far it neither buzzes or blinks or turns itself off I have it connected to an ATI sapphire 5870 via duallink DVI-D and also have an APC 1500 battery backup and line voltage conditioner. Hope you all find the correct solutions to your problems

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Re: ZR30w blinks off - overheating?

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I've read through the comments and it "seems" like it's a video driver issue.


I have a Gigabyte OC GTX470.  For the last 2-3 months I've had the flickering issue. Blinking at various times. When It does blink I'll usually get 2-4 blinks in a row.


Replaced my OCZ 64gb ssd with a Mushkin Calipso 115gb and a fresh install of windows going from standard video driver from what win 7 detected to Version from August 3rd 2011.


It's been a week now and I haven't had a single blink. *knock on wood*. I'll repost if the issue comes back. I'm hoping though it has been solved.

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Re: ZR30w blinks off - overheating?

I'm also hitting the same/similar issue. I assumed it was my GTX 275 with 896 MB RAM, however, I just upgraded today to GTX 580 with 3 GB RAM and I'm hitting the same issue. I never experience it games - only on the desktop (typically in IE but maybe because I spend a lot of time in it).


It might be a driver issue, unfortunately, being a gamer and rolling back to the drivers that are posted to Windows Update isn't really an option if you want to play the latest games.



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Re: ZR30w blinks off - overheating?

Had a GTX295 co op. Monitor occasionally blinked off for approx 1 sec at a time randomly. Sometimes it wouldn't happen for days or weeks, sometimes it happened daily.

Monitor is connected via dvi-d.

Got a GTX680. Never happened again no matter what I'm doing.

This monitor is great. I haven't calibrated it, but am using the stock settings.

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Re: ZR30w blinks off - overheating?

I just got a ZR30w and much to my dismay, it's happening to me too! The display has blinked over a dozen times, and I have only been running it for less than 2 hours. I am using an Intel HD Graphics 4000 (built into 3rd generation Intel Core processors), in DisplayPort mode, on Windows 7.


Has anyone been able to find or report a fix?

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Re: ZR30w blinks off - overheating?!

Hi all,


I am so tired of this monitor, really ... I bought my first ZR30w about 1,5 year ago and I experienced multiple blinkings. I am a professional and I ran tha warranty 3 times, finally, with the third one, blinking was gone ... but I have another problem now: when Windows (7 Pro x64) awakes from sleeping, BANG: pure black screen ... nothing. It does not happen all the time but too often for me. I have to reboot the PC to recover the display. And, more recently, the problem became even more annoying: when I boot up my machine in the morning, the display is already pure black, even in the BIOS boot ! Fortunately I have another monitor I can rely on. I contacted HP support, we investigated together, and they finally told me that my video card is not compatible with my ZR30w: my video card is a GTX580 !!! It can't be possible !

I really don't know what to do now ... Except doing all that stuff when the problem comes: disconnecting the ZR30w from the video card, plugin another 19" monitor instead, boot up the PC, then shuting it down, unplug the 19" monitor, and plug back in the ZR30w again, and, only at that moment, display is correct on my ZR30w ... Anybody to help me please ?



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Re: ZR30w blinks off - overheating?!

I have used zr30w without any issues with two pc´s by using only dvi port (i have swithced cable from pc to pc) but now when i attached my gaming pc to hp  with minidisplay to displayport cable  i got that black screen blinking too. With dvi no blinking with either pc. Also minidisplayport i my card does work fine with other monitor so the port in card is not an issue.


Also I get the blinking  only in games. Every few minutes hp goes black for couple seconds. Desktop use, no blinking at all. My bet is its something to do with hp´s displayport or cheap cable i bought. I still havent tested dvi to displayport  if that works or blinks.


anyway using only dvi ports works flawless.

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Re: ZR30w blinks off - overheating?

Hi guys, thought I might have some insight, since I've gone through a number of these monitors, and a few computers.


I just got a replacement for another issue (intermittent high pitched ticking), and this one worked fine on my PC with Geforce GTX 660 on DVI, but plugged into my Macbook Pro, it started displaying this blinking issue. I had seen a blinking issue like this with my previous Macbook Pro with DVI and the ZR30w that this one was replacing, but had fixed it by getting this Macbook Pro with a Displayport out. Before that, I had gone through a couple of replacement monitors before deciding that it must be the graphics card not being able to handle this screen.


Fortunately, this time, swapping Displayport cables seems to have fixed it.


It seems like this monitor is just really finicky, and a small amount of extra resistance from something like a less than great cable can be enough to put it over the edge periodically. Sucks that it's not more robust, finicky devices are usually the hallmark of sub-par engineering.

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