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ZR24w blinking/going black screen at random

I have had my 3 HP ZR24w's working perfect for about 6 months, however the other day one of my monitors started going blank randomly.  Sometimes it will go blank once every 20 minutes, sometimes several times a minute.   When it does this, the power light remains lit.   Also I have noticed some occassional distortion that lasts only a millisecond.


I am normally hooked up via displayport, since I use my three monitors in eyefinity.  I tried hooking the monitor up via DVI however with it I get no display.   It will not recognize the signal.   I tried forcing it to DVI in the menu, but that did not work.  Also tried different power cables, different displayport cable and different DVI cables.  Only piece I have not replaced is the minidisplayport adapter, which I have a replacement coming Tuesday so I can test.  If the issues still persists, I am not sure what else to test.


DVI does not work as far as I can tell and displayport is flickering, very annoying.  Only this one monitor is behaving in this manner, both other ZR24w's work great.

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Re: ZR24w blinking/going black screen at random

I have a similar problem, on two monitors and still going. 1. My ZR24w purchased April/2010 started flickering during cold weather (around 50°F, which is not that cold at all). It would stay blank until the monitor was warm enough then flicker for 5-10 min or so before it stayed on. ^ I contacted HP about the issue above and they sent out a replacement panel today. 2. My replacement panel now has a different problem, it would flicker/blink at random and would not stop for 20-30 min. This is ridiculous, my original was actually better where after the monitor warmed up it would be very steady. I've replaced all the cable and even video cards, for problem 1 it was obvious that it was a temperature problem but problem 2 just looks like I have a defective panel. The panel would flicker/blink even when I unplugged the DVI cable. The monitor is in the "cant find a source" state and still blinking on/off!! I purchased this monitor from HP directly. I'm very very dissatisfied with my purchase.
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