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ZR2240w Display: IPS LED or TFT LCD?

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Hi. I am considering buying two HP ZR 2240w displays but I am finding conflicting information on this display model. In most information provided in HP websites this display shows up as an IPS LED technology display but when I downlad the user guide from the HP website, the specifications page presents the display as having TFT LCD tchnology. I am not an expert, but I believe these are different technologies.


I have contacted HP pre-sales support which was unwilling to help. I have also contacted HP chat support who claim not to have the tools required to assist me. Can someone clear this up for me?


Thank you.




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Re: ZR2240w Display: IPS LED or TFT LCD?

TFT LCD is the basic building block of ones modern flat computer display. It is based on a liquid crystal display using thin film transistors deposited on a glass substrate. These transistors perform the switching of the liquid crystals which either allows light to pass or blocks light from passing through the liquid crystal. Light is provided by either cathode tubes or leds and it passes via red, green and blue filters that sit over each sub pixel. That way the display can create color.


Different types of TFT LCD displays exist, TN (twisted numatics) is commonly used by gamers as it switches the pixels on/off very fast so there is little to no ghosting, IPS (In Plane Switching) is commonly used where wide viewing angles with accurate color is more important than switching speed (ghosting).


So, calling something a TFT LCD display is still accurate. Calling something an IPS LCD display is even more accurate as the type of TFT LCD is specified. Saying a display uses IPS LED technology is also more accurate as you specify the TFT LCD technology and the backlight technology.


But calling something a LED display is not really accurate as the current state of display technology means one is really talking of a TFT LCD with a LED backlight and not individual RGB LEDs making up the sub pixels in a display. A true LED display is an emissive devise in that the sub pixels themselves give off colored light, rather than having a light shine trough something akin to colored shutters.  When you hear of LED displays today, consider it marketing speak for TFT LCD display with LED backlighting :)


If your interested, the TFT LCD wiki can probably explain more about the technology that I can ever hope to.


So getting back to the ZR2240, if the specifications say the display uses IPS LED technology, it should have good viewing angles and color reproduction and by utilizing LED backlighting it will use much less power, thus be cool to the touch. (Contrast this to my Dell U2711 which is a 27" IPS panel and uses cathode tubes thus it gets very warm and uncomfortable when sitting in front of two of these monitors for long periods).


Also, the fact that the user guide states that the display is TFT LCD is of no real consequence as this document is more focused on how to cable up and use the monitor, which is still a TFT LCD after all, than fully specify the type and capability of this TFT LCD IPS monitor which uses LED backlighting.

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Re: ZR2240w Display: IPS LED or TFT LCD?

Thank you very much for clearing this up for me. You were more than helpful and I appreciate it.

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