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Scanjet 2400 & OS X Mavericks

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I've used the weekend to install OS X Mavericks.
Only there is however a problem with the software for the HP ScanJet 2400. It runs, it also scans, but when I save an image now several grey vertical stripes appear in the saved image.
I'm trying to save the same image in another format such as TIFF or PNG then only the error message comes"
An error occurred when saving the file, because the write operation was not possible. Check the properties of the file, and make sure that it is not read-only."


I use the last current software in for OS X as it is offered here as well. Including the ScanJet software patch


Is a driver for the Mavericks for the ScanJet 2400 soon give it?


In addition I want to mention that I did update by Mavericks, but a complete clean install, just in case that this is possibly relevant to a problem-solving.
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Re: Scanjet 2400 & OS X Mavericks

I have exactly the same phenomena with my HP Scanjet 8200 series. I hope there will be a solution soon.

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Re: Scanjet 2400 & OS X Mavericks

Same problem here. Can HP help us?

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Re: Scanjet 2400 & OS X Mavericks

Same problem here. Scanning works but, I get a black image.


When I try to save the image a second time, I get this error message from the HP Scanner software:
An error has occurred saving the file because it could not be written to.  Check the properties for the file to make sure it is not read-only.

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Re: the same with HP Scanjet 4370



I've recent  installed OS X Mavericks.
Everything is OK but,..  a big problem with the software for the HP ScanJet 4370. It runs, it also scans, but when I save an image several grey vertical stripes appear in the saved image and no way to scane since osx mavericks.
and ... the same as you : "I'm trying to save the same image in another format such as TIFF or PNG then only the error message comes":  An error occurred when saving the file, because the write operation was not possible. Check the properties of the file, andmake sure that it is not read-only.""




A lot of people around talking about it,..... please do something about it ... I love my HP scanjet 4370 !!






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Re: Scanjet 2400 & OS X Mavericks

I have an identical problem with HP Scanner 5590 on Mac OS X Mavericks. The preview pane shows the scanned file correctly, but HP scanner cannot save the PDF or export the image in any other form.

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Re: Scanjet 2400 & OS X Mavericks

I have the same problem with a ScanJet 4850.

From the posts, it seems that a new driver is required?

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Re: Scanjet 2400 & OS X Mavericks

It is a shame that HP didn't manage to update their products prior to Mavericks launch.

Although Apple let developers try their system way before the customer release.


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Re: Scanjet 2400 & OS X Mavericks

Same problem with Scanjet 4070 & OS X Mavericks

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Re: Scanjet 2400 & OS X Mavericks

I have the exact same problem with my Scanjet 8300 since updating to Mavericks. I use my scanner every day so this is a serious matter for me.

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Re: Scanjet 2400 & OS X Mavericks

Same problem with ScanJet 3800. Scans ok, saves garbage.


There have been beta versions of Mavericks out for more than one year, but HP again didn't manage to release updated drivers for many of their scanning devices on time.


I'm shortly before throwing out my currently unusable HP equipment and migrate to Epson Scanners and printers.

 (Yes, they work ootb in Mavericks!)


Rediculous software and support in my opinion.


I'm fed up in polling on a daily basis if HP got updated drivers on their site (and find out - no). I simply want to do my work.






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Re: Scanjet 2400 & OS X Mavericks

I have a Scanjet 2400 and was not using it for a long time. THis week I had to use it and found that Maverick was not reading the info from the scanner, just as described by everyone in this forum. Looked into several other sites and found a way to make it work. It is so complicated (running 2 separate setup softs to ajust) that I simply gave up.

I'm still waiting for HP to find a solution to it. 

Looks like HP simply doesn't care about these old models...


Next time I will by a Canon or Samsung...


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Re: Scanjet 2400 & OS X Mavericks

Please take a look at this post in the Consumer forums.


This explains the issue and may help people with the scanners that were updated.  


Unfortunately the 2400 will not be updated with Image Capture Support.


There is a third party solution called VueScan that does support the 2400c.  You can check it out here.



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