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Examining dynamic think time and pacing based on exponential distributions in performance testing

There is a major challenge of performance testing—and it involves timing.


Performance testing needs to not only correctly understand the load imposed upon a system by its users and/or client components, but also translate that understanding into a test scenario—which accurately emulates real-world utilization patterns. 


Keep reading to find out more about the importance of reflecting accurate thinking time in load scenarios.    The Visual Basic, C, and Java script code to implement dynamic timing based on an exponential distribution is provided.


Agile in Large Enterprises: How it’s done

Agile-meme.pngI had a great time on a one -hour Google Hangout talking about "Agile in Large Enterprises: How it’s Done". I was part of a  panel of four (4) practitioners whow shared our thoughts and ideas on this topic.


Highly recommend you click on play, then sit back and listen, perhaps picking up on a few key learnings which you could use today or in the near future.


Given we each had 10+ years of experience as Agile practitioners, yet in slightly different domains, this was a very collaborative and fun discussion.


Keep reading to watch our session and learn how you can utilize Agile in your enterprise.


Velocity Conference: Hear the latest around performance engineering in NYC


Come join us at the Velocity conference in New York, NY October12-14, 2015.  Memebers of the HP Software team will be there sharing some of our latest capabilities and showcasing these abilities on the show floor, leading some engaging sessions.


Keep reading to find out more about this exciting conference and to learn about my keynote session.

How does your website score? [and how to fix it]

satisfaction-scale.jpgOne of the biggest challenges for organizations is providing a  good user experience for their end users--be it on a mobile app or while using the company website.


Often this begins with a solid design and results in a positive experience for all. However, it is often challenging to objectively know how it is performing and how to fix it versus the subjective it is slow or not working that many of us experience.


Continue reading to learn more about how your site is performing and how you can fix it now.

Introduction to GWT (Google Web Toolkit) DFE (Data Format Extension) in LoadRunner


The intention of this blog is to introduce you to GWT (Google Web Toolkit), and explain that GWT-DFE is one of the standard LoadRunner Data Format Extensions that encodes and decodes data that is transferred in the Transport level via HTTP Protocol.


Keep reading to get a deeper understanding of LoadRunner extensions.


(This post was written by Yoav Agami from LoadRunners R&D team)

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Learn how to attain cloud testing velocity

Velocity NYC.jpgI am looking forward to attending the upcoming Velocity Conference in New York on October 12-14. It promises to be an exciting show with big announcements, live demos and product launches of our performance testing solutions that you will not want to miss out on.


Keep reading to find out what we will showcase at the event.

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A smarter approach to Agile Performance Testing

stormrunner cloud.jpgStormRunner load is a completely new, cloud testing product that was built from scratch.

I am so excited about this product and to share it with you. Keep reading to find out what makes this revolutionary and how to join us at a webinar on Sept. 17

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Empowering LoadRunner with JavaScript or C as a scripting language

 binary-code.jpgAs part of the recently released LoadRunner 12.50 version, we have expanded LoadRunner’s scripting capabilities, and have empowered the scripters, enabling the scripting language to be either JavaScript or C. Thus opening more scripting possibilities and shortening the time spent on scripting.


(This post was written by Honghai Fan (Lancer), from the LoadRunner R&D team)

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Webinar: Deep Dive - HP Network Virtualization [Live Demo]

Deep-Dive-1080x675.jpgGet ready for the "Deep Dive" webinar on HP Network Virtualization. We take a 1.5 hour recorded session, and deliver it to you. This website enables you to understand the capabilities of HP Network Virtualization, and how you can get started with them now.


We also just released the NV Freemium and the LoadRunner 12.50 Community Edition with Network Virtualization. Both are free, and give you results now.


Keep reading to learn more now.

LoadRunner now advises you how to improve your Web application's Performance!


As part of the recently released LoadRunner 12.50 version, we have expanded LoadRunner’s reporting capabilities, in addition to providing numerous technological and usability enhancements.

    In LoadRunner 12.50, we provide an enhanced replay summary in VuGen, with statistics for Web-based and TruClient protocols that provide feedback that enables you to improve your Web application performance. The new report provides an overall grade of your scripts performance, and an additional drill down into actionable items together with tips and advice how to improve your web applications performance.



(This post was written by Guy Ezra from the LoadRunner/VuGen R&D team)

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A closer look at TruClient Object Descriptors

TCBlog.pngHave you ever tried to record a business process only to have the objects not recognized by TruClient? While you are thinking about it, when was the last time you’ve tried to identify an application object and failed?


In the new versions of HP TruClient, we introduced a feature that might solve these types of challenges immediately.


(This post was written by Michal Barak from the LoadRunner/TruClient R&D team)

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Have 30 seconds to find out how users experience your site and what you need to do to fix it now?

HP F1 Car_513x289_CB_opt.jpgThere is a new way to get quality results quickly on how your web page is performing. All it takes is 30 seconds of your time, and you get a 20+ page results report.


In this report, you will see how your site performs and what you can do now, so it goes at least 40 percent faster.


Keep reading to get your results now!


Are you ready for Cyber Monday? [30 November 2015]

Cyber-Monday.jpgCyber Monday is coming soon (it is less than six months away), and you need to do something about it now, or it will be too late. I have heard too many people say, “Shop till you break your mouse” on the days leading up to this finite event.  All industries and verticals seek to capitalize on this phenomenon, which directly impacts their bottom line and several other factors. Being proactive now will enable your end users to have a positive experience, and not a negative one for your organization…and you.


Keep reading to find out why you need to be thinking about November in July.

What does Holiday Shopping mean to you?

HolidayShopping.jpgYou could ask 100 individuals, “What does Holiday Shopping mean to you?” and you would probably get 100 different answers. Of course, if you asked 100 companies, you may only get 1 answer; “An opportunity to exceed the expectations of our customers, so we can enable them to acquire our products and services while becoming ragingly successful, and increasing our revenue and shareholder value.” Of course, consistently delivering those results for those stakeholders is another story. How can you be proactive now for this upcoming Holiday Season?

With your Head in the Cloud and your Feet firmly on the Ground.

Using the new On-Premise features now available in StormRunner Load

SRonPremise.jpgStomRunner Load now works in sync with some of the capabilities that can run on premise while StormRunner Load remains as a SaaS based tool.


This post highlights two such features - Load Generators and SiteScope installations- each of which are installed within the customers own lab while working with StormRunner Load that is positioned on the cloud.


(This post was written by Ori Bendet the HP StormRunner QA TeamLeader)

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Performance Testing at the Speed of Agile

Globe_ipda.jpgSummer is here and we are NOT on vacation YET! We are here to help you to get you to the next level of your career; we want to coach you on how to execute cloud performance testing at the speed of agile.


Read on to learn about an informative webinar! 

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What is the "Dark Side" of your apps?


We’re sure that you are very proud of the awesome app that you just developed but are you aware of its dark side? You’ve spent countless of hours creating your application and the last thing you want to do is to let your end users experience the dark side of your app first-hand.

Are you ready for Black Friday? [What does performance disaster mean for you?]

Iblack-friday.jpgt used to be Black Friday was just for retailers...not anymore, it is now rolling across all industries and verticals, all customers are starting to expect some sort of offer / sale. As this has increased, so has the expectations for the performance of the digital commerce platform, the web site or mobile app related to end user experience, and of course the backend systems to be able to handle this increased load. Is your platform ready for Black Friday 2015, if not, what does performance disaster mean for you? Cloud Testing

Once Again, HP Discover Never Fails to Amaze

HP Discover sign.jpgI hope you were able to join us last week in Las Vegas for HP Discover. It was an exciting week filled with announcements, exciting sessions and activities.


Keep reading to get the latest from the event and learn how you can bring the excitement home (or watch sessions for the first time if you weren’t in town for the event).

Shift Performance Engineering Left: DevOps for performance at HP Discover

trying to achieve.PNGI’m sure you are familiar with the typical performance testing crisis that happens near the end of far too many projects. This scenario is that development and testing run too long, the release date is rapidly approaching and you’re forced to sacrifice performance testing for looming deadlines. This is the opposite of a “win-win” situation.  


Keep reading to find out how you can improve this scenario in your environment with the power for DevOps.

The latest from Microsoft Ignite: Big announcements in Performance and Load Testing

welcome to chicago.PNGToday is the first day of Microsoft Ignite, and we have some exciting announcements to share at the event.


Keep reading to find out the latest from the event and how you can connect with our team.

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Top 5 Tips to Ensuring a Great Mobile App Experience

Poll 1 Results.pngRecently, I presented a webinar entitled, “Make Sure Your Application Exceeds Customer Expectations” where we covered five tips to ensuring a great mobile app experience. The highlight of the event was the live demo of HP Network Virtualization 9.0 for Mobile.


Keep reading to find out what these top tips are and how you can use them for your mobile app.

Announcement: SAP Service Virtualization v3.62 by HP has passed the Premium Qualification!

sap.pngHP_Blue_RGB_150_MX.pngI have exciting news that I can’t wait to share with you! SAP has announced that “SAP Service Virtualization v3.62 by HP” has passed the Premium Qualification.


Keep reading to find out how this collaboration provides value to customers.

Game on! Race and Win with HP StormRunner at Microsoft Ignite

race.PNGAt Microsoft Ignite, we are showcasing how StormRunner Load can help Azure Developers and users test their Azure app performance quickly—and easily—at large scale. To do this, we are hosting a competition to help you discover the dark side of your apps before your users uncover them.


Keep reading to find out how you can participate in this contest and win some amazing prizes!

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Discover the “dark side” of your apps at MICROSOFT IGNITE 2015!

Ignite.pngThe Windy City is about to light up with excitement! Microsoft Ignite is infiltrating the city, and the HP team is so excited to join the excitement.


We will be discussing the “dark side” of your apps, and how you can keep your apps from going there. Keep reading to find out how to connect with the team and what we have planned for the event.

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CookBook: Howto extend LoadRunner using the new Protocol SDK [Part 2]

CookBook.pngLoadRunner has enhanced the way customers can create their own protocols, thus extending the capabilities provided by the out of the box version of LoadRunner. The new Protocol SDK is a Visual Studio-based toolset, with a new, easy-to-use interface. This post provides a simple cookbook, listing all the key steps required to create your new protocol.


Continue reading to learn about the new Protocol SDK and how you can use it to create your own protocols.


(This post was written by Sergey Ternovtsov from the HP LoadRunner R&D Team)

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It’s a Mobile world, prepare for the Load with HP performance testing and virtualization solutions

deliver amazing mobile apps.pngThe secret to improving quality and delivery is to “shift left” and identify issues sooner using actionable information to better predict application release success.


Continue reading to learn how the newest enhancements in LoadRunner, Performance Center, Network Virtualization and Service Virtualization enable you to accurately recreate detailed production environments for realistic dev/test.

Running Unit Tests in LoadRunner just got free-er!

In LoadRunner 12.00, we introduced the Community Edition license which provided 50 free virtual users at no cost, for all protocols except COM/DCOM, Templates and GUI. The idea was that Performance Engineering practitioners and Developers alike could harness the power of LoadRunner without a high cost of entry, and give more value to their organizations by introducing testing earlier in the app lifecycle. So whether you are trying it out, or putting LoadRunner on every tester and developer's desktop, there is no cost unless you need to scale up. What's more, you can buy virtual users when are ready to test at larger volumes, starting at just a few cents per virtual user day.


The response has been fantastic. The number of downloads per month nearly doubled, and LoadRunner was already consistently one of the highest downloaded products for all of HP Software!


Testing in production: Points to ponder

pic1.jpgMost software development groups base their go/no-go decision on whether to release software on the results of the tests that were run during product testing.


But some organizations take the brave (ahem) step of deferring some – or all – of their testing till the product is deployed, and run their tests on the production system.


Continue reading to find out some of the considerations to help you decide whether testing in production is for you or not.

Extending LoadRunner using the new Protocol SDK mechanism [Part 1]

LR-Protocol.pngFor several years, LoadRunner has enabled customers to create their own protocols using the Performance Validation SDK. These custom protocols extend the capabilities provided by the out of the box version of LoadRunner protocols. They enable the execution of complex performance tests, tightly coupled with a particular API or technology.

Responding to what we heard from the field about usability challenges, in LoadRunner 12.02, we introduced a new Protocol SDK mechanism.
The new Protocol SDK is a Visual Studio-based toolset, based on the old SDK but with a new, easy-to-use interface.

Continue reading to learn about the new Protocol SDK and how you can use it to create your own protocols.


(This post was written by Sergey Ternovtsov from the HP LoadRunner R&D Team)

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