Handling of HTTP 500 errors by VuGen during recording (969 Views)
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Handling of HTTP 500 errors by VuGen during recording

I noticed that web requests that produced HTTP 500 errors during recording were not present in VuGen 11.0.4 scripts (Web HTTP/HTML protocol).


Could you please explain how to change VuGen recording options to have such calls included in VuGen script.

I am having a challenge to figure this out myself.


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Re: Handling of HTTP 500 errors by VuGen during recording

HTTP errors do not generate code in Vugen, there are events recorded for the error responses from the server but code is only generated for events that create load data. If you want you can create your own. using web_url functions.



Mario M.

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Re: Handling of HTTP 500 errors by VuGen during recording

As Mario wrote, we ususally don't generate steps for requests that receieved an HTTP error (error code >= 300).

The intention is to create a script that will simulate a successful business process -
if we replay steps known to cause HTTP errors, the script will fail and we won't simulate the business process.


If customer insists, you can try the following workaround:

Change the following key in the registry:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mercury Interactive\Networking\
Multi Settings\QTWeb\Recording\GenerateApiFuncForCustomHttpStatus


The value of this key is a string containing error codes to be ignored, separated by ';'.

Remove the keys for which you want steps to be created, and regenerate the script.


I hope this helps,

Oded Keret
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