Ajax Truclient Error (211 Views)
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Ajax Truclient Error

Recorded a script using Ajax Truclient, getting error while running during loadtest.


failed: object not set.  


how to resolve this issue

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Re: Ajax Truclient Error

This may be due to pacing. Load mode replay is faster than interactive replay


I guess the object may not be loaded in the application quickly enough.


try these:

Use the “Inter-step interval” run-time setting which allows the user to specify the
time (in ms) between steps.  (This setting will be used for ALL the steps in the script)


Add a Wait or Wait for Object step before the step that failed. (This will slow down
the replay)

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Re: Ajax Truclient Error


Thanks for the suggestion, but I am still facing the issue.



I read in an open form,


To avoid a situation in which an application asks for NTLM authentication while recording and replaying, one has to specify the application as a trusted NTLM resource. To make that, follow these steps.

    Open the file “user.js” located in “%lr_path%\dat\LrWeb2MasterProfile”.
    Locate the preference setting “network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted.uris”.
    Specify the URL of the trusted resource as the value of this setting.
    Save the file “user.js”


I made the changes, but the thing is... after doing the changes I am able to run in my vugen machine 11.04 successfully. But the same changes done on machine 11.00 is throwing the below error as that of performance center error. I also made changes in lG machine but still facing the same error



do u have any idea wat this error msg means in TruClient:
t=00009582ms: TruClient engine version has been loaded    [MsgId: MMSG-205200]
t=00009583ms: Failed to process chrome manifest: 'P:\Projects\FY_2013\US FIN - Sharepoint Reporting\Scripts\Post PwC Deployment Performance Testing\Reports\R'.    [MsgId: MMSG-205200]
t=00009583ms: Internal Warning - [JavaScript Warning: "Warning: Duplicate resource declaration for 'gre-resources' ignored." {file: "file:///C:/Program Files (x86)/HP/Virtual User Generator/bin/gecko/chrome/toolkit.manifest" line: 1}]    [MsgId: MMSG-205200]
t=00009583ms: No chrome package registered for chrome://truclientrredefault/content/truclientrredefault.xul    [MsgId: MMSG-205200]
t=00010360ms: ** 1: [not set] ** started    [MsgId: MMSG-204251]
t=00010361ms: Error -203250: ** 1: [not set] ** failed - Object Not Set    [MsgId: MERR-203250]

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