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Sugunthan Rajesh
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unsatisfied symbols

When compiling a C++ program originally written for cfront then re-written and recompiled with the aCC compiler, I keep getting the below given error.

rm -f libWFM.sl~
(/opt/aCC/bin/aCC -Wl,-a,shared_archive, +DAportable -DRWSTD_NO_RWBOOLEN +Z WFMAttribute.o WFMDataObject.o WFMMessageLog.o WFMRma.o WFMTClassRegisry.o convert.o umq.o WFMDaemon.o WFMParentDaemon.o WFMChildDaemon.o WFMAdLogInfo.o WFMFileLog.o WFMEnv.o WFMException.o WFMDatabase.o ccutils.o mai.o -I/opt/common/rogue/7.1.1/workspaces/HPUX11/ACC32313/8dsheh8i -I/opt/common/ogue/7.1.1/workspaces/HPUX11/ACC32313/8dsheh8i/orasrc -I/WFMshared//src/includ -I/WFMshared//src/libWFM -I/opt/slayer/hdrs -L/opt/slayer/lib /opt/common/ogue/7.1.1/workspaces/HPUX11/ACC32313/8seh8i/lib/libor88seh8i.a -L/opt/common/ogue/7.1.1/workspaces/HPUX11/ACC32313/8dsheh8i/lib -ldbt8dsheh8i -ltls8dsheh8i /dbms/ora816/lib/ntcontab.o -L/dbms/ora816/lib -lclient8 -lsql8 -lsqlplus -ln -lsqlplus -lcommon8 -lgeneric8 -lnls8 -lcore8 -lnls8 -lcore8 -lnls8)
/usr/ccs/bin/ld: Unsatisfied symbols:
ml_message (code)
ntpini (code)
ntzini (code)
nttini (code)
nlbamsg (code)
nldtotrc (code)
sc_ml_setup (code)
WFMDaemon::shutDownFlag (data)
ntusini (code)
*** Error exit code 1


We recently upgraded the Rogue wave libraries, Oracle Database too.

Does any one know what library(s) they are in???
And how to get rid of this error.
Any ideas at all???
I need it very badly ?
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Dennis Handly
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Re: unsatisfied symbols

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>Does any one know what library(s) they are in???

You could use "nm -pxAN libs ..." to search for the lib with the definitions. They would show "D" or "T" for code or data respectively.

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Mike Stroyan
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Re: unsatisfied symbols

Several of those symbols come from Oracle's libclntsh. Add -lclntsh to the link line.
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