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Hello all,

I am making a script to determinate a filesystem from the cmviewcl command.
I've come this far.

uname -a|awk '{print $2}'>NODE_NAME
cmviewcl -n $NODE|grep -e running|grep -e NAO|awk '{print $1}' > running.out (this produces the file "running.out" with 2 entry's, NAOT01 and NAOT03)
How do I change it, so the script substracts it to a file with the entry's T01 an T03?

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Re: substr


Do you want something like:

# echo "NAT01\nNAT03"|awk '{print substr($1,3)}'

...this snips off the first three characters of the string in $1.


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Re: substr

you can pipe your output to

| cut -c4-

but this only works if you have 3 leading characters bedore the Txx string in the nodenames.

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Re: substr

Thanks, both solutions work.

Regards, Alfons
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Re: substr

NODE=$uname -a |awk '{print $2}')
cmviewcl -n ${NODE} |
awk '($0 ~ /running/ && $1 ~ /NA/) { print substr($1,3)}
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