how to reformat flat file using cut command (288 Views)
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how to reformat flat file using cut command


today I got some new requirement ,I am not able to get the solution for this using
awk or cut command please help me.

Problem: I have given sample input file below,

I/p file
9029774138: "B2", 1;20101009;50791.00|2;20101009;698.77|3;20290309;862655.00|4;20290309;454646.00|
Required output file
out put is a colon seperated file first two fields are same as first two fields in input file, third record is the count (number of pipe symbols + 1) fourth record is string seperated by comma which contains each field after the pipe symbol .

Thanks in Anticipation
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Re: how to reformat flat file using cut command

The pipe character is a rather evil separator in shell. Lots of ways to do anything on unix. Call this one the shell IFS example:

# convertStuff() {
-> IFS="#"
-> for X in "${@}"
-> do
-> echo $X
-> done
-> }
# convertStuff $( cat file | sed -e "s/\|/#/g" )

Using that trick a pure sh solution is an easy exercise for the reader...

Bets on time until a Perl solution is posted and who does it? :-)
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Re: how to reformat flat file using cut command

to 'walk' the list you'll have to write a little program in the language of your choice.
C, shell, perl, awk.

Using AWK, the following seems to work:

---------- test.awk --------
values = split ($3, a, "|");
line = $1 $2 values ":";
for (i = 1; i < values; i++) {
split (a[i], b, ";");
line = line b[1] ",";
split (a[values], last_one, ";");
print line last_one[1];

use as : # awk -f test.awk test.txt

The program splits $3 into an array 'a'

It starts by building the first part of the line using $1, $2 and the returned count for the split.

Then it walks all but the last element from 'a' to split again on ";" into array 'b'.
Element 1 in 'b' has the value.
Glue that to the line, and add a comma.

Add the last one separately to avoid the extra comma.

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Re: how to reformat flat file using cut command

ThanQ Hein,

It is very useful. Once again Thanks for your solution.

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