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Scripting for time zone


Can anyone help in creating a shell script for time zone conversion?

My requirement is that: the script will run on the server and take out the Time Zone (let us suppose it is CDT) and i wanted it to be converted this CDT time(it should always be 1 P.M) in GMT +5:30 through script. Whatever the timing zones of server i just wanted to convert it in GMT +5:30
For Example- the current time on server is 11:00 P.M. CDT so i wanted to know whats the timings in GMT +5:30 when the server timing is 1:00PM CDT, i mean 1 P.M. CDT is equal to what in GMT +5:30 through script.
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Re: Scripting for time zone


# TZ=EST5EDT date

# TZ=UTC date

# TZ=PST8PDT date

...will establish a timezone for the duration of the command line since there is no semicolon (';') after the TZ variable setting.

You can do this in a script and capture the result, too:

# echo ${MYTIME}


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Re: Scripting for time zone

JRF has shown you how to convert the current time to IST: TZ=IST-5:30 date

If you want to convert arbitrary times, you'll need to write a C/C++ program or use perl.
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