Does awk have a 'like' operator? (2200 Views)
Jamie Collins
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Does awk have a 'like' operator?

Wondering if there's a way to use a like operator in an if statement within awk..

awk '{if ($1 'like' "Joh%".....

Do I use an * wildcard or what?
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Sridhar Bhaskarla
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Re: Does awk have a 'like' operator?

Hi Jamie,

"~" is like like operator.

awk '$1 ~ /typ/ {print $1}' data

will print all $1's that has the string 'typ' in them.


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Bob Smith_23
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Re: Does awk have a 'like' operator?

also, you can use !~ to find lines that are 'not like' the string you are searching for.
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Re: Does awk have a 'like' operator?

We can do with awk's default function index too as,

awk '{ if ( index ($1,"Joh%") == 1 ) print $1 }'

Upon getting index on inputstring the Joh% will make to print $1 string there.

Easy to suggest when don't know about the problem!
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