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EFI Shell

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Booting server to get EFI Shell. To determine sasflash version and display information about about 1068 and 1068E cards on the system. Every command I type returns invalid parameter.

System is HP-UX 11.23 (rx2660)


At the Shell prompt:



Invalid parameter

shell>sasflash -listall

Invalid parameter



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Re: EFI Shell

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These commands are not built-in.

Use sasmgr from hp-ux, example:

$ sasmgr get_info -D /dev/sasd0
Driver Name : sasd
Bundle Version : B.11.31.01
Product Number : 399490-001
Hardware Path : 0/4/1/0
Health of HBA : ONLINE
PCI Vendor ID : 0x1000
PCI Device ID : 0x0054
PCI Subsystem Vendor ID : 0x3228
PCI Subsystem ID : 0x103c
PCI Revision ID : 0x0000
Max. PHYs supported : 8
Max. IO size : 1048576

***** HBA Specific information *****
HBA state : READY
Driver firmware dump available : NO
Driver firmware dump timestamp : N/A
Firmware Revision :

Hope this helps!


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Re: EFI Shell

Sasflash is a utility that comes with the sas fw download. So it is not native to the efi shell. You can download (on mobile no link) put on a usb to execute at the efi.

You will have to change to the partition of usb disk. Usually it is fs0:
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Re: EFI Shell

Hi ,


Please check this URL fro more infromation on SASflash  and firmware driver:


 SAS HBA EFI driver/firmware


sasflash.efi  -   EFI  utility to update  EFI  driver  and HBA firmware on Serial Attached  SCSI  adaptor  based  on  LSI  1068





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Re: EFI Shell

thansk for share~

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