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Restart HP3000 NClass Server


As there was some problem with the backups, we rebooted our NClass server on Sunday. Today morning we found that some of our files (UDCSTREAM) are corrupted. And because of which all our night batch jobs abended.

2 weeks back we moved the data from one old HP server in Germany to Nclass in UK and we faced the same problem.

Kindly let me know what could be the reasons for files being corrupted.
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Re: Restart HP3000 NClass Server

Hello Sripal,

What do you mean by "some of our files (UDCSTREAM) are corrupted"? Can you provide (if any) error messages?

In general, file corruption on MPE/iX is caused by hardware device malfunction (failing disc mech/controller, SCSI bus reset, etc.) which could be a result of power outage, power fluctuation if the server and disc enclosure are not protected by an UPS system.
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Re: Restart HP3000 NClass Server


I agree with Emile, that usually file corruption is caused by a hardware problem. There are times, when using an older version of KSAM, KSAM
files can become corrupted during a system abort. It would be interesting to see some more details and error messages about your corrupted files. Also, it would help to know if this is a
packaged application like MANMAN, Summit, or AMISYS.

How were the files moved from one system to the other, Store/RESTORE or copy. The more information you can provide, the better this group can respond. Additionally, you can get other opinions by posting your question to the
HP gurus at That list
is monitored by a lot of HP3000 experts.

Chuck Ciesinski
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Re: Restart HP3000 NClass Server


Another thing to check is how you are shutting down the system. Message files are easy to corrupt if you do not shut the system down gracefully - by stopping all batch jobs cleanly (rather than aborting them) and by doing a control A shutdown rather than a contrl B halt. If you are getting messages like this - BAD VARIABLE BLOCK STRUCTURE (FSERR 105) or CURRENT RECORD WAS LAST RECORD READ BEFORE SYSTEM CRASHED (FSERR 151) then you might want to look at the procedures your site is using for shutting down the system.

The other thing to check is your backup. If you are using a third party backup product perhaps the files are not getting restored properly. It might not be the reboot that is corrupting the files, it might be the restore of the files. You stated there was some problem with the backups so you rebooted the system. Perhaps the files were already corrupted by the restore prior to the reboot. If you are getting the error PRIVILEGED FILE VIOLATION (FSERR 45) then I would check the file codes (with a LISTF ,2) of the files in question and see if the file codes are correct. I have seen third party products restore files with incorrect file codes in the past. You would then need to contact the vendor for a resolution.

Dan Clifford
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