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Enhanced agentless monitoring of virtualized resources using HP SiteScope!

There is now extensive integration of HP SiteScope with HP Service Health Optimizer (SHO) and Service Health Reporter (SHR), which enables SHO/R to work on SiteScope data for purposes of capacity management/reporting. A long list of virtualization monitoring enhancements were recently introduced for that purpose ...

SiteScope Mobile Application Now Available For Android Market

Want to know about infrastructure availability issues before your end users do? If you're already reaping the benefits of HP SiteScope, the HP SiteScope Android application is the next logical step for you!

SiteScope user shares his experience managing over 10,000 servers

A guest post from Will Gillen, a SiteScope user with about 10 years of experience with the product. He currently manages over 10,000 servers, 16,000 URLs and about 200,000 total monitors. 

Re-instating High Availaibility (HA) solution for HP SiteScope

Per popular customer demand, we are re-instating the old HA solution for SiteScope. Read on to learn more ...

Agent-Based Monitoring is NOT the only way to get CIs into the Run-time Service Model

Think that the only way to feed information into HP’s Run-time Service Model (RtSM) is via agents?  The answer is “No”.  This is also possible via agentless monitoring …

HP Discover: Operations Center Roadmap session - Day 4

The Operations Center Roadmap presentation is always one of the most highly anticipated sessions of the show. It is one of the few times where we discuss the product direction in a public (or semi-public) format.

HP Discover: Customer Roundtables Summary - Day 3

One of my favorite parts of HP Discover is hosting the Customer Roundtable discussions. For those of you who have not participated in these sessions, it is when a group of customers get together with some HP experts (typically from Product Management, Technical Marketing, R&D, and/or Product Marketing) and have a discussion. What I like best about the customer roundtables is that they are completely unstructured; every discussion is different, based on the composition of participants.

Universal Log Management to Improve Troubleshooting

Both Operations Manager and SiteScope include log file management capabilities, But ArcSight Logger’s additional functionality makes the Operations Bridge team even more productive in searching log files for recurring patterns that affect system availability and performance.

Live - YouTube video showing how to monitor your virtualized environment!

Implemented some or all aspects of ITIL's "Service Operations" phase, but forgot to include monitoring of your virtualized resources?  And now you need to quickly bring monitoring of those ever-so-precious resources into your centralized monitoring environment?  Did you know that you can do just that with HP SiteScope - in a matter on minutes? Watch this YouTube video to learn more!

NNMi Support in SiteScope - broaden your ITIL Event Management capabilities! (demo)

Did you know that the recent release of SiteScope allows for integration between HP Network Node Manager i (NNMi) and HP SiteScope?  Now you can send events and reporting metrics to NNMi from SiteScope. See a demo of this new capability.

LDAP Support in SiteScope - Eliminate mundane, manually-intensive administrative tasks! (demo)

Did you know that HP SiteScope now has LDAP support?  Watch (via YouTube) and learn how this new feature allows IT Administrators to be more efficient and productive through automated user authentication during ITIL's "Access Management" processes!

Maximize your investment in Operations Manager, SiteScope, OpenView: Free Practitioner Forum (best practices)

Announcing the launch of the HP Operations Center practitioner's forum where you can interact with other Operations Manager, SiteScope, OpenView customers and HP Subject Matter Experts to share your experiences, learn best practices and get pressing questions answered.

Free Technical Webinar on Operations Agent 11.0, SiteScope 11.1, Performance Manager 9

Over the past six months, HP announced new functionality within the Operations Center portfolio to simplify your IT operations. In this session, we’ll review updates to Operations Manager 9, Performance Manager 9, and the Virtualization Smart Plug-In, while focusing on key innovations released in Operations Agent 11.0 and SiteScope 11.1. Register for this free VIVIT webinar.

HP SiteScope vs. “free” open source monitoring: Free is only free if your time is worth nothing

I have been receiving many inquiries recently from sales reps and partners about how to compete against open source IT management software. “How can we beat free?” is the typical lament. The answer, of course, is to look beyond the license and maintenance costs and consider the total cost of ownership, or TCO, over a three year period.

Agentless monitoring of virtualized resources using HP SiteScope - great new features!

Considering agentless monitoring for your virtualized resources, but need more robust features from currently available products in the marketplace?  HP SiteScope now has them ...

SiteScope's new log analysis tool - increase your efficiency when monitoring your IT environment!

Implemented ITIL's problem management or maybe your own version of problem management?  I'm guessing it includes monitoring log files generated by your agentless monitoring tool, SiteScope.  Tired of it being such a manually-intensive process? of culling through thousands of logging lines trying to find that "needle in a haystack"?  Read this post to learn about SiteScope's new Log Analysis Tool, which helps you quickly monitor thousands of lines in log files - efficiently and productively!

New Operations Manager demo

One consistent piece of feedback in almost every presentation I make on Operations Center, its individual products such as Operations Manager or SiteScope, or Business Service Management overall is the people want to see a demo. This applies for customers, prospects, partners and new hires. So, my colleague Jon Haworth and I have put together an Operations Manager demo.

New Insight Operations Appliance simplifies IT management with all-in-one approach (podcast)

One of HP’s partners has addressed one of the biggest complaints I hear from IT Operations professionals - managing infrastructure is complex and virtualization makes the situation even more challenging. The new Insight Operations Appliance packages a consolidated IT infrastructure management solution onto a single HP DL160 server.

HP Cloud Service Automation relies on SiteScope for monitoring the Cloud

HP Cloud Service Automation, released earlier this week, allows organizations to dynamically provision and monitor server, storage and network elements as well as applications to meet their changing workloads. For the monitoring component, it uses HP SiteScope. Learn how SiteScope allows IT to manage their Hybrid IT holistically.

Automating SiteScope configurations and deployment ...

Did you know that SiteScope has some great automation features that allow you to perform mass deployment and configuration with little to no human intervention?  And that these features can quickly position you to succeed with ITIL's "Service Operations" phase - in particular, the Problem Management process?  Check out this post and learn how SiteScope can now free up a lot of your time by automating usually labor-intensive and mundane tasks ...

How a German firm integrated HP BSM management tools into existing ITIL processes

Learn how SMA Solar Technology AG created a highly integrated IT environment with tools from HP to monitor its IT infrastructure and the IT services based on it.


2010 Retrospective: technology trends, market changes, new products

2010 was an exciting year for IT infrastructure management. We saw several technology trends accelerate, some new competitors enter the market, many new product releases from HP, and numerous existing customer presentations at the two Software Universe events this year. Not a bad year of innovation and growth for an industry that continues to evolve, sometimes in leaps and bounds, after two decades.

See what's new with the latest release of HP Performance Manager!

I'm not a big fan of using blogs to advertise products, but the latest release of HP Performance Manager has some pretty cool stuff that I think you should be aware of. 

Professional services firm improves collaboration using HP OM (success story)

A small professional services company was recently challenged with lack of visibility across disparate IT domains. By using HP Operations Center products like Operations Manager, SPIs or Smart Plug-Ins, Agents, and SiteScope, they were able to greatly improve collaboration among different groups within their IT organization.

Software Universe Recap: introducing Service Health Reporter, SiteScope iPhone application

I’m finally coming up for air after Software Universe last week. As always, it was a great event. A chance to meet with customers and partners, reconnect with colleagues I see only a few times a year (generally at similar events), and attend some great sessions on how people are pushing the limits of our solutions and achieving amazing results. This year 3500 people attended.

Less than 4 hours left. Post your question on HP's first-ever Operations Management Expert Day!

Have any unanswered questions around HP Operations Center products like HP Operations Manager, Openview, SPIs, or SiteScope?  Then make sure to attend Expert Day, which ends in only about 4 hours!

Telco company reduces number of IT monitoring groups by using HP OM (success story)

A global 500 telecommunications company was recently challenged with managing multiple monitoring teams for disparate IT domains. By using HP Operations Center products like Operations Manager, SPIs or Smart Plug-Ins, and SiteScope, they were able to reduce the amount of time spent diagnosing a typical IT problem by approximately 1 hour.

There is no such thing as agentless monitoring

I often hear people trying to make sense of "agent or agentless" monitoring.


The reality is that (for most purposes) there is no such thing as agentless monitoring.

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