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Making Infrastructure Management Less Taxing

I bought my copy of TurboTax over the weekend. While waiting in the long checkout line, it occurred to me that the United States tax code has several similarities to IT infrastructure management. Let me explain.

At the beginning, there was a needs assessment, planning process, growth forecast, and then implementation. When the system went live, everything was simple and all the pieces worked smoothly together. Over time, came growth, “enhancements,” complexity, and some unintended consequences. Current state of affairs: a mess. But at least we know the system’s idiosyncrasies or at least have processes in place to make everything work.

Quick, which am I talking about, your IT infrastructure of the tax code?

In a new datacenter, companies design in the management tools that will help them best meet their end-users’ needs and run the equipment to gain maximum efficiencies. Over time, requirements evolve (expand!) and new technologies such as virtualization proliferate. IT managers keep their environments current by adding new management tools, often with new software focused on the most recent infrastructure enhancement.

Modern datacenters include dedicated tools for their latest rack of blade servers that include environmental and power monitoring, software to dynamically move virtual machines from one physical server to another without the users even noticing, and monitoring consoles that give you metrics based on the actual performance your end-users experience.

But, even with all these innovations, it’s still really hard to keep track of all the moving parts in any IT infrastructure. So, periodically, companies undergo datacenter consolidations to streamline their operations, reduce the number of management tools, and make the whole process less taxing.

If you want help in simplifying the tax code, contact your local member of Congress.

If you want to simplify your IT infrastructure management, HP has a variety of solutions to help you. We’ll talk in depth about datacenter consolidation and server virtualization in future posts.

For HP Operations Center, Peter Spielvogel.

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