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Operations Manager Basics (product overview videos)

I spent the past two days in a planning meeting with my product marketing peers from different product groups including infrastructure monitoring, application monitoring, network monitoring, CMDB, service management, and IT financial management. We reviewed all our respective product plans and our go to market strategies (you will need to watch during the year to learn what we decided). While everyone had some idea about what high-level problems each product line solves, some people were not familiar with specific Operations Manager functionality, especially the current version's capabilities.

They asked for the fastest and easiest way to come up to speed. After some thought, I pointed them to two videos - one for Operations Manager (focused on consolidated event and performance management) and another for Operations Manager i (focused on advanced event reduction using topology-based event correlation). I have posted the links below.

HP Operations Manager
Peter Spielvogel and Jon Haworth discuss how Operations Manager allows customers to monitor heterogeneous IT environments, reduce management costs, and speed time to problem resolution.

(While the demo is on Operations Manager on Windows (OMW), the functionality is virtually the same for Operations Manager on Linux (OML) and Operations Manager on Unix (OMU).)

HP Operations Manager i
Jon Haworth and Dan Haller talk about increasing IT event processing efficiency with OMi.

If you have additional questions, please let me know.

For HP Operations Center, Peter Spielvogel.

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Managing Virtualization and BlackBerry Ecosystems (Q&A from Vivit technical webinar)

Thank you to the 90 people who attended the Vivit webinar on What's New In Operations Management: Virtualization & BlackBerry Smart Plug-Ins Demo". Jon Haworth and Dan Haller presented on how to get more from your existing Operations Management environment by adding the new smart plug-ins for Virtualization and BlackBerry. 

If you missed the event, you can view a replay of the webinar on the Vivit web site.

Here are the questions that people asked during the event, along with the answers.



Managing Virtualization - System Support

We have OVPM for UNIX. Does VISPI still only work with OVPM for Windows? Currently we have a work around from HP Support to run with OVPM for UNIX. Will newer versions of VISPI work with OVPM on UNIX?

VI SPI 1.5 is supported with OMU 9.0 - so OMU on Solaris and HP-UX and OM on Linux. We now include Performance Manager (PM) with new installations of OMU 9.

Can you run the virtualization SPI if you only have the operations agent and not the performance agent?

No, you need both agents. Stay tuned for some updates regarding our agents. This issue will become moot on November 1.

Does VM SPI require both an OV agent and an OVPA agent on all the Virtual machines and Hosts?

No. You can choose to monitor the VMs with OM agents if you wish. If no OM agent is installed on a VM then a Target Connector license is required.

Does the agent install on ESX3i version 4 USB drive?

With VI SPI 1.5 the agents are no longer installed on the ESX / ESXi hypervisor - they are installed on the vMA (a virtual management appliance VM supplied by VMware). If your ESX3i version 4 USB drive has a vMA installed or is monitored by a remote vMA then the VI SPI (on the vMA) will be able to monitor it.

Do we have any plan for supporting Solaris and HP virtualized environment?

We are investigating other virtualization technologies. We named this product the Smart Plug-In for Virtualized Infrastructure specifically to indicate that it is not constrained to monitor just (e.g.) VMware.  The first version of the VI SPI supported only VMware ESX. Version 1.5 added Hyper V and ESXi. While we cannot comment on specific product plans, you can follow the trend.

Is a LINUX VM guest required?  We only have Windows guests.

The Linux vMA (Virtual Management Appliance) is provided by VMware - you just download it from their web site. It's pre-built so you do not have to 'know' anything to utilize it. VMware has information on vMA on their web site.

Managing Virtualization - Licensing

When is 1.5 of the VI SPI going to be released

It achieved Manufacturing Release status week of September 28th and is just ready for shipping now.

How much is System Infrastructure SPI?

It is included with the OM agent.

Is there a limitation on the number of virtual machines that can be monitored?

We are suggesting that a single VI SPI is limited to monitoring 200 instances. Each host, guest (VM), resource group and cluster counts as one instance. We have tested considerably more than this but are using 200 as our recommendation.

Do you need a SPI license per ESX host or per vma?

Per VM host (ESX/ESXi or Hyper-V)

Is the VISPI different than the Nworks VMware SPI and can this be used as well?

Yes it is a completely different SPI to the Nworks / Veeam SPI - and has a fundamentally different architecture (high resolution agent based monitoring as opposed to agentless monitoring).  I guess you could use both products but I'm not sure exactly what you would gain.

Managing BlackBerry Ecosystem

How does licensing of BES SPI work?

You purchase on BES SPI license for each BES server that you wish to monitor (physical or virtual). It is a flat price structure (no tiers etc.). Obviously you also need an OM agent for each BES server in order to be able to deploy the BES SPI.

Is the BES SPI available for OM 8.1 or is it only available for OMi?

The BES SPI includes the OMi Content Pack. So you could purchase the BES SPI for your OMW 8.10 system and make full use of its "SPI" functionality or, if you have OMi connected to OMW, you can also make use of the OMi features such as Health Perspective Views and Topology Based Event Correlation.

Is there any reference data that shows how BES performance improves when using SPI?

Not right now although we would expect some of the existing application and service availability / performance improvements for OM to be valid

Can the BlackBerry SPI account for devices that are turned off or out of range when monitoring the number of messages waiting to be sent?

The total queue size of unsent messages and calendar updates that are enqueued for all handhelds is monitored. A report (by device) of pending messages is not available at this time.

Does the HP smart plug-in for BES support a Lotus Notes environment?

Not right now. This capability is under investigation.

Other Operations Management Questions

How do I get more information about the integrated OVO and OVP agent...what is this new agent called?

At present this is just a licensing change. We will provide more information on November 1. We will be executing on some technology updates in the future so keep listening for news.

How often data are collected from devices and how? 

As per all OM message threshold policies the schedule is easily configurable.  Out of the box, some are collected every two minutes, some every 5 minutes and some less often.

For HP Operations Center, Jon Haworth.

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