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Get More Mileage Out of BTO Products by Integrating Them with a Universal Log Management Solution

In second week of June, I was at HP DISCOVER 2011 in Las Vegas and I had the privilege of meeting many BTO customers. The week was packed with many customer meetings, 3 sessions and a keynote demo which I will talk about later. My sessions were about sharing the information across Security Operation Center (SOC) and Network Operation Center (NOC). Every customer in the room agreed that they could use some security background to do better analysis on alerts coming up on BTO products like OM, NNM and OMi.

Measure what matters. KPIs for IT Operations

IT Operations staff have measured what matters for decades. They have successfully used products such as HP Operations Center (and its predecessor HP OpenView Operations) to define metrics and track them to manage increasingly complex IT infrastructures. One challenge has been rolling up this data - connecting the information across disparate parts of the business so corporate and IT executives could manage holistically.

New IT Operations presentation available - includes Cloud Service Automation

I am pleased to announce we have a new presentation on HP Software’s overall solution for IT Operations. The presentation includes the newly announced Cloud Service Automation product suite.

Are IT organizations aligning with ITIL's Framework?

Last week I visited one of our customers and while I sat on the plane going home, it hit me that the IT group within this company was set up just like the ITIL framework.  A few minutes ago, after reviewing a customer's presentation for the upcoming HP Software Universe (in Barcelona), I couldn't help but notice that this organization, too, was set up along the lines of the ITIL framework.

Research reveals unique IT management needs for midsized business

The midsize enterprise (MSE) has some unique challenges.  IT directors and CIOs at midsize companies struggle with how to manage the cost of technology and visualize the value it provides.  With smaller budgets, they need to streamline technology, improve operational efficiency, and reduce cost without jeopardizing business service availability.  They need solutions that help them simplify their IT operations.  And risk management is of paramount importance.

Last month, HP commissioned Forrester Consulting to research the use of business technology among 389 companies globally.  They interviewed and compared results between 136 large companies and 253 midsize enterprises.  Key findings of the research:

  • For IT Management, risk management is the no. 1 priority of 92 percent of the participating MSEs

  • The second highest priority for MSEs is IT service management. (ITSM ranked 4th among large enterprises participating in the survey) 

  • IT infrastructure management (including network, operations and systems management) and application quality management also are important focus areas for MSEs

Forrester concluded that monitoring systems, predicting issues proactively and controlling quality also are critical to medium-sized firms.  This week HP is announcing a new bundled solution to help MSEs manage risk and make IT more efficient and responsive. HP SiteScope Operations Manager quickly and easily verifies the status of IT operations, identifies issues and initiates corrective actions.  And the solution is specially priced for MSEs.

HP SiteScope Operations Manager is just one of several new solutions HP is announcing this week designed specifically to meet the unique needs of the midsize enterprise (1,000 to 10,000 employees.) To learn more about MSE solutions from HP, visit . There you can retrieve the entire Forrester study, download product trials, and find easy access to the HP partner community.  You’ll also find special offers and promotions.

Let us know what you think about HP Site Scope Operations Manager for MSEs.  We would like to hear from you. Respond to this blog or visit the Infrastructure & Operations forum on the HP Software & Solutions Community.

For HP Operations Center, Peter Spielvogel.

Consolidated Event Management Podcast

My colleague and consolidated event management guru Jon Haworth has recorded a podcast with Dennis Drogseth of EMA about the benefits of consolidated IT event management. During this 15 minute podcast, Dennis and Jon discuss:

  • Benefits of an integrated approach to IT Operations

  • Key groups, titles, organizations, roles, initiatives, etc. needed to drive an integrated approach to managing Operations

  • The key underlying technologies

  • Where event consolidation fits

Listen to the Consolidated Event Management podcast (registration required)

At Software Universe, many of my conversations with customers focused on how then can use Operations Manager to consolidate events from across their organization.

For Operations Center, Peter Spielvogel

Implications of virtualization on IT operations (Software Universe presentation)

Both HP Software Universe and HP Technology Forum and Expo will occur next week in Las Vegas. What is new this year is attendees of HP Technology Forum can attend a portion for HP Software Universe for a nominal fee. Details are available online or on-site during the registration process.

I am very excited and fortunate to be presenting the following presentation at both events.

Implications of virtualization on IT operations
Abstract:  Virtualization is becoming a key driver toward eliminating IT infrastructure costs (CAPEX) yet it is unclear as to the implications it will have on operating expense (OPEX). Virtualization implementations create a new set of challenges for IT Operations. In this session we will consider those challenges as compared with the lessons learned from past disruptive technologies (i.e. client server, web services, etc...) and use the conclusions reached to help you deal with the virtualization wave in an cost effective manner. You will also have an opportunity to provide feedback that will help influence HP’s future direction in event and performance management for the virtualization ecosystem.

Tuesday June 16, 2009 2:30pm at HP Technology Forum and Expo – Session 3761

Wednesday June 17, 2009 at 2:30pm at Software Universe – Session 1070

If you have any topics you would like covered during the presentations, please leave a comment on the blog or contact me directly.

The Operations Team will be posting updates from the show on this blog.

For Operations Center, Dennis Corning.

A New Puppy, IT Operations and the Economy

My family and I picked up a new Brittany puppy this past Thursday with mass excitement mixed with some degree of uncertainty. Yeah, I know what you are thinking: What were you thinking? We took a stable situation and introduced something new and exciting in the hope of improving the overall environment.

With the economy tsunami we are in, it may not the best time to expand a family from 4 to 5. The weeks prior to picking up Clancy were spent reading various puppy care books from our local library to ensure we were ready. I was expecting to find a single “how to” book/manual but each writer had a little different advice and perspective. I suspect the variety of opinions might be similar to the numerous bosses you have had in your IT Operations career.

My family is making sacrifices to improve our quality of life by adding Clancy. Any spare time we had before is now consumed by the usually duties of feeding, walking, and picking up after him. One significant change I anticipate for my kids is as nothing can be left on the floor. Before the puppy came home it was ok to leave something out if you are going to use it again. My kids probably took this liberty for granted. I suspect this eye-opening adjustment to strategically placed toys is similar to the shock IT Operations teams face today learning that their standard allocation of budget to keep the lights on will probably shrink significantly this year.

Prior to the downturn in the economy it was standard practice for a company to spend 70% of its IT budget “keeping the lights on”. Was 70% the right amount to allocate?  Should it remain the same to avoid impacting service levels? I am afraid I do not have an answer to this question nor do I believe many IT Operations Managers know for sure. I do not claim to have magic pixie dust, no book or manual of running IT operations in the year 2009-2010.

What I can tell you from a recent market study is that many IT organizations buy Performance and Availability monitoring tools along with an Event Management system with good intentions. They plan to “centralize event processing” at an Operations Bridge inside their organization but for various reasons never quite get there.

The study revealed that most companies have more than one event console in their IT Organization and provides an opportunity to reduce CAPEX and OPEX by streamlining their IT Operations process and tool sets. Now given the fact most IT budgets will be cut, is this the time to change your environment to a centralized console for event management? It worked for HP, but we need to eat our own dog food.

Are you willing to take the leap and endure some short term discomfort to permanently lower your IT cost structure?

For Operations Center, Dennis Corning.

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